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  1. I already have 8 gigs so just put it into the other 2 slots?
  2. So I have a prebuilt and my friend bought the wrong kind of ram and can’t return it ( I have a ddr3 system) if I were to put his ddr3 ram into my system would it work? (Corsair vengeance 2x4 gb)
  3. Ok will a ryzen 5 3600 work with an msi mpg x570 gaming plus motherboard?
  4. Will a ryzen 5 3rd gen or ryzen 3 3rd gen work?
  5. So my friend has been building a pc for a week and has got all his parts and everything in and the fans turn on and so does the gpu but no display and after 3 to 4 seconds of the gpu coming on the gpu fans go off there is a light and the keyboard and mouse light up. gigabyte ga-a b350 ds3h GeForce 1050ti Amd athlon 3000g kingston ssd 2x4 g ram thank you everyone in advance.