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  1. But I've done that at least 5 times - I've also updated bios to newest version.
  2. @svmlegacy Ran the test, no errors. After a minute or two, lost signal in Windows the PC rebooted again
  3. I downloaded this and did something but I don't really know how to use this. Or what I'm supposed to do.
  4. @svmlegacy When I saw it last time in bios (not during windows install it was no more than 40c)
  5. @SupaKomputa @Radium_Angel Yeah I understand that but I thought others surely must have used more powered builds and left feedback after. No I'm not planning to add a gpu, this pc is solely for Internet browsing /watching movies etc. The yellow and red signs are different but most frequent ones are no permission for COM server app with CLSID, unexpected system shutdown, system rebooted without cleanly shutting down (critical).
  6. @SupaKomputa No there is no GPU and while It was quite cheap, it had 100% satisfaction with more than 1k sold on eBay. I've went on event viewer and I've seen multiple yellow and red signs.
  7. @Radium_Angel @SupaKomputa Why is that the problem? I thought that 250w 80+ Bronze should be more than enough for the PC.
  8. Hi all, I've recently built a PC from used components: Ryzen 3 2200g Gigabyte a320m-s2h Crucial ballistix 2×4gb Ram 240gb integral SSD 250w AZZA SFX 80+ Bronze PSU. Once I downloaded Windows and then connect to Internet the PC reboots itself for no reason (monitor looses signal and then I see gigabyte logo and windows launches and so on). Sometimes the PC keeps restarting until I eventually i get a blue screen or no signal reaches the monitor. I tried installing a different version of Windows and the problem still persists - sometimes Windows i
  9. @aisle9 Oh I forgot to ask if I will later need to turn safe mode of after DDU cleans and restarts? - sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm clueless and knowledge on this is pretty small
  10. Haha well this didn't scare me at all . Thanks though I appreciate it man
  11. @aisle9 Hi this was a very useful and informative message. Is it okay if I don't install amd drivers before doing this all and install them at the very end - just wondering as how will I know that the drivers are functioning/actually working if I install them for a card that isn't in the system yet?
  12. @Den-Fi @JoostinOnline @Deli Alright thanks for your replies. So I just download it, run the clean and shutdown and put in amd card in, power up and put new card in? Should I also remove the old drivers myself via DM and add/remove program and then run DDU? Thanks
  13. Hi all, Im my 1060 for an RX 580 - doing it for looks not performance :). HOWEVER I need to uninstall drivers ofc first. Can I just remove nvidia drivers graphics/sound/physx by using add/remove program and then uninstall the card via device manager? Or do I need to use DDU? - I've never used this and don't know how to a and whether it's safe or necessary? Thanks
  14. Hi mate thanks for the input. I'll keep that in mind if I ever need to do this again