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  1. Everything is in the same room, so distance isn't the problem. It's more that I wanted to each PC to only have a single cable for NAS connection and internet. I also wanted the ability to connect more than 2 PCs at one time (Synology only offers 10Gb cards with up to 2 ports), hence the switch.
  2. What kind of cooling issues would I run into with that solution? Would it be better to kit out all my PCs and the NAS with 10Gbps SFP+ cards instead of RJ45 ones?
  3. 5 ports would be ideal but I'm pretty open to whatever is available.
  4. Hoping for something under $300 but I kinda just want to know what's out there. And I need RJ45 ports.
  5. I'm looking for a small 10Gb switch for my home office. I'd like to upgrade my PCs and NAS to 10Gb in order to start video editing off of the NAS and the one piece I haven't been able to find is a small switch that supports 10Gb.
  6. I'm in the process of assembling a 4K editing rig parts list and wondering if I should go for the new 3070 or 3080. I previously had planned to get the 2070 Super for about $700 but once the 3000 series was announced I put the 2070 behind me. The goal for this rig will be to easily edit and render 4K video, mainly inside the Adobe Suite.
  7. What's the advantage of the B550 over the one I had listed?
  8. I put this list together based off some of your recommendations and a couple build videos. What do the people think? https://pcpartpicker.com/user/thatdiabeticguy/saved/NqVsXL
  9. Is there something cheaper than the 2070 Super you recommended that will still get the job done?
  10. Out of curiosity, are you a Type 1 or 2 diabetic? I myself am a Type 1.

  11. Hey everyone! I am a freelance videographer and am in need of a serious PC upgrade. I built my current machine back in 2013 and it hasn't received too much of an upgrade since. I can edit 1080p footage just fine but 4K is basically out of the picture. I can't even scrub though a single file in Premiere Pro without it lagging and skipping frames. I'd love some help putting together the best editing focused rig possible. Here's what I'm looking for: OS - Windows 10 CPU - Probably AMD (just whatever is going to give me the best performance) RAM - 32GB minimum GPU - I o