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    between my pc and the kitchen
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    I'm just speaking from my experience, so what I say may not work 100%
    I am always glad to help!
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    i5 10400
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    ASUS PRIME B460 Plus
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    POWER TRAIN (Some chinesium case with good airflow)
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    KingSpec 1x120GB SSD, SEAGATE 500GBx2, 1TBx1, HITACHI 1x500GB, TOSHIBA 1x500GB
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    Stock Cooler
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    Chinesium Keyboard (VERY DURABLE, has survived over 30 Smashes)
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    Dell Office Mouse 1000DPI (VERY DURABLE, has survived over 20 Smashes)
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    HP H100 Heatset, TDK Speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Apple Macbook Pro 2011 (i7 2nd gen, 8GB ram)
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    iPod Touch 6th Gen, Huawei Y9 2018, Samsung G M11

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  1. NOTE: PROBLEM SOLVED! - i converted the int to a float # i think this code is enough to get what i am saying.. from tkinter import * window = Tk() e = Entry(window, width=26, borderwidth=5) e.grid(row=0, column=0, columnspan=3, padx=10, pady=10) def button_click(number): current = e.get() e.delete(0, END) e.insert(0, str(current) + str(number)) def button_addd(): first_number = e.get() global f_num global math math = "addition" f_num = int(first_number) e.delete(0, END) def button_equall(): second_number = e.get() e.delete(0,
  2. he made it to work by but when he shuts down the pc, he has to do it again.. ( or its not posting ) and can i know the key to press to go to bios in that mobo? what do you think the problem is?
  3. ohhhhh.... tbh, i feel ashamed of it.. omg! lol! i checked it for over 3 times and i didn't find it! Thank You Very Much!
  4. explaining this will help me to help you a lot! if, what you meant was a cheap dual screen laptop.. here is one - ASUS ZENBOOK DUO UX481 I5 10TH GEN
  5. if you can afford a 5800x, why not buy a gen4 drive.. why not buy a x570 over a b550 when they are the same price?
  6. to be honest.. i would really not recommend a b550 for a cpu above 5600X.. and if this helped you, marking my post as the solution will help me a lot! Thank You!
  7. Hello there! i have been following some python tutorials on youtube.. the youtube channel was guiding us to make a calculator with Tkinter and python.. first, i tried it without watching the video.. i made something similar, but with my code, the 'add' button doesn't work.. i copied some code from the video tutorial and it works fine... what is wrong with my code? and can someone explain me the mistake i have done.. Python, Tkinter here is my code: from tkinter import * window = Tk() window.title("Calculator") e = Entry(window, width=35, borderwidth=5) e.gr
  8. X570 - B550- i mean.. they are almost the same price.. so, i would recommend you to stick with the x570 board.. and if we stop considering about the price ( even though its almost the same ), a mobo with a x570 chipset and a r7 5800x would be a great combination! and you can have some more overclocking potential with that chipset, since you are going to buy a 5800x, the x570 is the best for you..
  9. what is the CPU you are going to buy? because the mobo you going to buy kind of really depends of the cpu you are going to buy!
  10. I think, its his personal opinion ( or the writers ).. so.. he has right to say it! i don't agree or disagree with you because yes linus is offending this ( but i don't think that's serious [who know, maybe its supposed to be a joke] ) and he is kind off right.. This is my personal opinion..
  11. thats some good choise maybe over 5 years... i have a Nvidia 9600GT and the fans still work.. ( i didnt had to replace ) it being kind of a midrange card it still keeps working... so, i would think that your will work for over the next 5 years fine..
  12. Specifications: CPU: i5 3470 Mobo: Gigabyte Z77-DS3H GPU: SAPPHIRE NITRO RX480 8GB RAM: Unknown Model ( brand: Ripjaws ) ----------------------------------------------- The computer is connected to the screen using a HDMI Cable, no post Tried connecting using a MiniDP to DP cable, still no post ( image of the cable i used is below ) Tried removing the GPU and connecting the cable to to the mobo, no post The Cables are working, tested them using another device Tried reinstalling Windows to the ssd ( using another pc ) and installi
  13. Summary The chinese processor developer Loongson Technology has announced that it has developed its own CPU instruction set! below is an image of their CPU Quotes My thoughts: Will this be the end of Arm, x86 and others? no, I think not! This might be something very basic. I won't think this will outperform the current CPU's in the western architectures of the current market but will place itself here soon! what makes me think that my thoughts are wrong is this quote so, it might be powerful, if not, w
  14. Related Links: What i have found: According to the official website, it says these - https://zeacer.is-a-virg.in/MWmj8C https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/B550M-ITXac/index.asp#CPU and i hope this is the motherboard you are talking about - https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/B550M-ITXac/index.asp NO, Ryzen 2xxx processors wont support this motherboard officially! other links to refer for more info - https://www.asrock.com/support/cpu.asp?s=AM4&