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    Vintage computing (90's), Data science
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    ASUS Rampage V Edition 10
  • RAM
    64gb Patriot 3600 DDR4
  • GPU
    Titan Black & Titan-Z
  • Case
    Thermaltake Element V Nvidia
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    Boot: 500gb Samsung 970 M.2 RAID: 9x 1gb WD Velociraptor 10K, 1x Samsung 980gb U.2 NVME, (cache, managed by Windows Storage Spaces)
  • PSU
    1500w Thermaltake Toughpower 80+ Gold
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    Thermaltake 120x40mm radiator
  • Keyboard
    Dell SK-8135 (built-in usb hub, media controls)
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    Halo scanner mouse
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    Jabra Evolve 40
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
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  1. Reinstalled the Nvidia drivers, problem solved. The Z is in SLI, but not the black. Need to figure out how to make that happen next, now that DifferentSLIAuto doesn't work anymore.
  2. Removed SLI bridge, reinstalled F@H, no change. Nvidia driver settings also show PCIe 3.0 X16 on both cards.
  3. I haven't tried removing the SLI bridge, as F@H should just ignore it. HWInfo64 shows 8.0 GT/s bandwidth on both GPU 0&2 and 2.5 GT/s on GPU 1 (wrote 12&3 the first post in error.) I don't want to abandon the current jobs, I'll let them finish and try removing the bridge.
  4. Folding@Home was running on my 6950X and Titan Z just fine, 3 folding slots at just at or under 1 million PPD. Installed a Titan Black as primary card and moved the Titan Z down to the next 16x PCIe slot. The idea was the extra clock and cooling on the black would result in a few more frames, while keeping the Z down in the cooler air. They are connected with an SLI bridge, both GPU 1&2 show 8.0GT/s in HWInfo, GPU 3 shows 2.5GT/s. Removed & Reinstalled F@H to configure it. The F@H client now shows one GPU disabled on the Titan Z, confirmed by the GPU tem
  5. I'm not sure you can run a VPN through a browser extension, is that a thing? They may just need to publish the server and give out credentials, let windows handle VPN.
  6. I know SLI doesn't help fold, but I do occasionally game on this machine. It's possible the extra clock and, more so, the extra cooling on the Titan black could result in a few more frames. I'll find out when USPS shows up today. If I just wanted another GPU to fold, I would just buy two K80s instead of one.
  7. Summary Dashlane has announced the end of support for their desktop app to users today via email and blog post. While current installations of the app will continue to function for the time being, no updates will be released and the link to download the desktop app has been removed from the Dashlane homepage. After reaching out to Dashlane support, I learned they plan to add the VPN service to the web client at a future date, but is currently only part of the desktop app. Quotes My thoughts Dashlane does not address the absence of their VPN service as par
  8. The new build is up, I'm JUST able to touch 1M PPD with the 6950X and Titan-Z. Adding a Tesla K80 next, and toying with the idea of trying a Titan black in SLI with the Z. It's the same chip at a higher clock with better cooling, so I'd make it the primary card. I wouldn't hate having a 6 folding slot machine with 12K+ CUDA cores.