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  1. I am not the maker of this custom AIO. Just got it my Instagram feed and saw it a couple of days ago on the Noctua official page. I am just sharing what I have found.
  2. That's his name btw... The guy making the cooler. He also uses a Noctua abbreviation, so the actual name of the cooler is: SGA120 v1.0
  3. A few days ago I saw pictures of this AIO cooler on the Instagram page of Noctua: Instagram picture post: https://www.instagram.com/p/COQTt3yAkt7/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link FB assembly video: https://fb.watch/5gORuSYGtC/ FB thermals video: https://fb.watch/5gVkDSVc6i/ The guy has also a FB page (https://www.facebook.com/SonGayCustom/). This custom cooler looks amazing, but the thermals are not exceptional as of a standard 120 rad with soft tubing. The name of the creator is Sơn Gầy. I don't know even how it is pronounce. He got two videos on his FB page
  4. After watching the video I heard a question or a topic that have arise: "What developers want (need)?" (talking for PC configuration and peripherals). And as a such guy - working in the IT industry as an automation engineer, I want to shed a little bit of light on the topic. The short answer is - it depends. Depends what is the daily load and what is needed. Most of the time the compilation or rendering is done by remote servers on periodic time intervals, which also report back to the developer and his whole team. So for start the infrastructure is the following: - T