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  1. @SignatureSigner @geo3 I did it without buying anything. (idk how this will work for others, but for MSI owners will do). So, connect the headphones and speakers in the jacks, then, in the search bar, look for Realtek Audio Console (you have to install it + MSI's MOBO Drivers, which I already had, if you don't, install them!) and then, MSI's audio software will pop-up instead of Realtek's. You will have to click the settings (right up corner) and check the settings just like mine (the white arrows) and after doing this setting, you will see in the left 2 devi
  2. @geo3 so I can buy an USB-JACK adapter? It's around 5-6 euro. Is it affecting its performance or quality? It's a romanian site, but I found this and it seems okay: https://www.emag.ro/adaptor-usb-2-0-pentru-casti-si-microfon-3-5mm-argintiu-hdmi067/pd/DPT7GKBBM/?X-Search-Id=f74512a1ab31d96ad104&X-Product-Id=24882227&X-Search-Page=1&X-Search-Position=4&X-Section=search&X-MB=0&X-Search-Action=view
  3. Hi, guys! I have speakers (some nice Genius speakers) and headphones (Steelseries Arctis 1 Black) on jack but I can't use the speakers until I unplug the jack headphones. Previously, I had some headphones which were working on USB and I could change between them from desktop by clicking on the sound thing (https://imgur.com/ikMjoEr) and then selecting which I wanted to do its job. (I could choose between Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) and Speakers (2- USB Audio Device) and now I have only Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio). Is there any way to separate these two jacks in a softwar
  4. @TofuHaroto well... thank you for making me feel safer with my GPU
  5. @TofuHaroto so... it's not harmful for my GPU? Like... not at all?
  6. @TofuHaroto I saw the junction temperature going to 90 degrees, isn't this a little bit too hot? And it's gaming, not stress test or video editing..
  7. Hey guys! Can anyone show me some safe undervolting values? I made a custom fan curve and my junction temperature is reaching around 90 degrees Celsius when playing games but the current temperature is not rising above 68. So I was thinking to undervolt my thicc boi (RX 5700 XT NITRO+). I have left a screenshot with the settings, what values should I put? I am a little bit scared because I never did this and I know that undervolting it will make the temps lower and perform at the same values.
  8. I activated Fan Tuning... now it's alright. Sorry for disturbing u, guys!
  9. Hello! I bought RDR2 a month ago and I was able to play it until today when I saw that I have to buy it again to play it. What? I bought the key from GAMIVO 'cuz it was cheaper and now, on Rockstar Games Launcher, the game needs to be bought again. I entered the key again, but it says that it was redeemed (by me, ofc). Any help? I do mention that I have a laptop and a new PC and I have the issue on both of them.
  10. @TofuHaroto, so I did a 20 minute gameplay and the temps reached 57 degrees Celsius and the fans didn't started.
  11. Hello! So, yesterday I finished my custom PC and I do have one dumb question. Why are the fans on RX 5700 XT NITRO+ not spinning? I played Forza Horizon 4 for like one hour and they didn't started. I checked the TRIXX Fan Health Check and they are healty. Is there a chance that the GPU's fans to start from a certain temperature? If yes, then which is it?
  12. Thanks for helping! You guys rock! :)
  13. @TofuHaroto Thanks so much for helping!
  14. @TofuHaroto, the problem is that I am from Romania and sadly, Amazon takes a while to deliver it. I have found this: Noctua NA-SYC1 I hope that it will do its job Aaand.. I found a small scratch on the CPU cooler. I have attached a picture. I touched the surface and it feels just a bit... I hope that this won't be a big problem in performance. I'm gonna use it with a Ryzen 5 3600 just for gaming, recording and video editing. No OC intented.
  15. @yaboistar @TofuHaroto Any reccomandations for a good cable splitter? I saw that they included a RGB adaptor... but no fan splitter... GG Deepcool