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  1. I've been thinking about building a 1080p gaming pc but the Xbox Series S is so much cheaper it is making me wonder if it might be better to pick that up instead. The only thing is I love single player FPS and immersive Sims (never play multiplayer) and find playing those with a pad very awkward. I've seen the Xim Apex would let me play with a keyboard and mouse but has anyone actually used it? How close is it to the feel of playing on a PC?
  2. Hey thanks, I'll take a look at those keyboard options. I'm not too worried about storage as that's something I can add down the road as needed but if I can free up a bit of cash for a better PSU, that would be a good bit of future proofing for sure.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply - won't lie that's a little disappointing but I guess I'll wait and see what comes up. In general did my component list look ok to you?
  4. Budget (including currency): Max £1100 for everything including peripherals, hoping to reduce by buying discounted products during Black Friday Country: Ireland, but buying components from the UK to save money Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: 1080p gaming - mainly AAA single player games e.g. Cyberpunk, Baldur's Gate 3, Titanfall 2, Doom, Deathloop, Total Warhammer, Star Wars Squadrons. Maybe a little multiplayer (star wars squadrons or Titanfall 2) but nothing serious and I'll be playing on wifi. Plus general office tasks like Word, Excel, Powerpoint but no vid
  5. Hi all, Like a lot of people I've been waiting for the new CPU/GPU reveals to put together a new gaming build. However the costs so far for the higher-end 3000 series GPU and 5000 series CPUs make me think that I probably won't be buying both a next gen GPU and CPU for my 1080p budget build! I've seen a lot of comments that at higher resolutions the GPU matters a lot more for gaming than the CPU, but at 1080p if you were faced with a choice between e.g. a 3600 + 3060 or a 5600 + a 5600XT (great naming conventions there AMD!), which would you think would deliver better p
  6. Yes I just find it so bizarre that they'd bother to launch a CPU that gets incredible reviews if they weren't going to produce enough to meet demand. Very strange. I think it's the 3600 for me and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a black friday discount...
  7. Hi folks, I'm playing around with a 1080p gaming build - having seen that the 5000 series will have the 5600X (well out of my price range) as the lowest spec'd CPU at launch I'm thinking I may end up going for a 3000 series CPU instead. The 3300x seems to deliver practically identical gaming performance as the 3600 for less money, but as far as I can tell it's essentially been out of stock from the moment they released it. I know the production process involves using higher-end chips that failed so that might have something to do with this - is there any reason to think the 3300x w
  8. Wow. That one acquisition makes the binge they went on for E3 last year look like peanuts. It's the most aggressive move I can imagine from Microsoft going into the Series X. If every Bethesda game ends on game pass + all future titles start appearing on day one, that's a massive competitive advantage against PS5. It also could be good news for some of the devs like Arkane; I love their games but they've never been huge sellers. If they become Microsoft's source of immersive sims for Game Pass that could be a brilliant source of stability for them.
  9. Cool thanks - yes that's really the question. Will have to wait and see some benchmarks for the 3060/6600XT and the 4300X/4600 to see what performance I could get at 1080p!
  10. Hi folks, I've been playing around with a 1080p build for later this year/January. At the moment I've got a 3600 on a B550 MB, paired with the 5600XT. However, I'm hoping that by the time I build I'd be looking at a 3060/6600 equivalent plus a 4000 series CPU. I'm trying to save costs wherever possible. Currently I have the AOC 24G2U 24" down which is 144Hz and normally costs around £180 but I noticed that there's a 75Hz version for £30 less. I only play single player games - ones I'd be excited about are e.g. Titanfall 2, Doom, Dishonored, Deathloop, Cyberpunk, Total War, Assassin
  11. Depending on what kind of monitor you're upgrading to, something like a 3060 or the AMD equivalent could be all you need if you're sticking with a 1080p model. It's likely that these cards (which haven't yet been officially announced) will be available by early-ish next year.
  12. I might be wrong but I thought that a KB and mouse would work on the system but not in game? Ie if I wanted to play Doom with a keyboard and mouse on Xbox you'd need to buy a third party adapter?
  13. Before anyone accuses me of cheating, I don't play multiplayer games. At all. I've been looking at a new PC build but if an Xbox Series X is £450 it's hard to even convince myself that it's worth spending £1100 to get a decent system with all the peripherals. The thing I really miss from PC gaming though is the mouse and keyboard - playing first person games with a controller just feels slow and awkward to me. So has anyone used a third party adapter to use a KB+M on a console? Do they actually work and feel normal in game? Thanks in advance.
  14. Just to flag, from the reviews I've read a 5600XT can hit 60fps+ at max settings in pretty much any modern AAA title- https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/reviews/amd-radeon-rx_5600_xt/2 So I don't quite follow your concern there, but obviously, to each their own and all that!
  15. I'm no expert but I think you'd have to consider how fast you need a new graphics card - the odds are very good that there'll be a 3060/3050 model by January next year at least, which would be cheaper than a 2070 super but give you equal/better performance. That would future proof you for a faster refresh rate monitor or 1440p gaming, I believe. Alternatively, if you're only looking for 60 FPS at 1080p, and don't care about ray tracing then arguably something like a 5600XT would more than meet your needs if you wanted something today for less than £300