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  1. Ok,Thx a lot for the help Do you have any recommendations on how I can utilize the faster HDD or is it there no way to do that?
  2. Don't know if this is possible. I have a USB 3.0 HDD but my PC is really old and doesn't have a USB 3.0 port. Since we can connect hard drives to routers via rj45, I wanted to know if it was possible to connect it to a PC the same way so that i can utilize the faster read and write speeds of the external HDD. My HDD is able to go up to 70-90 MB/s through USB 3.0 on my laptop but is limited to the 48 MB/s of USB 2.0 on my PC.
  3. Yeah... also are you able to run ae or premiere in the background with a game running? not an intensive game just some casual rocket league or fortnite?? to see if i can play something while my projects render...
  4. I live in India, my budget is probs around 1200-1300$
  5. Same here, so im probs going for the i7... I use ae,pr pro and resolve for editing all of them run like shit on my i3 4th gen with a GT710 and 8gigs of ram(desktop)... So i wanted an upgrade and im looking forward to black friday now... Thx a lot for helping me out...
  6. I live in India, my budget is probs around 1200-1300$
  7. Thx a lot... is it worth it to buy the i7 if the price difference is 100-200$ between the i5 and i7 models...
  8. Look at the first post ive said everything there... And as for the bottleneck I meant that the i7 provides more performance and can run chrome or discord in the background comfortably whereas the im not sure if i can run any background applications with the i5. And yes they have the same gpus. But the prices differ so i wanted to know if the extra money was worth it... or if i could get by with an i7
  9. nvm i found some but the acer nitro costs less for a 1660 ti... what i wanted to know was if i should choose the i7 with a gpu bottleneck to use chrome and discord while gaming or just buy an i5 with no bottleneck... and if the i5 will run chrome and discord in the background with the game...
  10. yeah i checked them out but i was looking for slightly more graphics power... The g3s all have 1650 4 gigs i was looking for a 2060 type performance with the 6 gig as that could future proof me for slightly longer as im about to finish high school (in a year) and wanted something that could future proof me for uni(hopefully)... 1660ti are 6 gigs and are pretty close in terms of performance to the 2060... Idk if theres a 1660 ti variant of the g3s. Just link it if theres one...
  11. Oh well, thats all i could think of. idk what else you could do... Hope you find a solution...
  12. Try undervolting it if you can, it can bring down temps and also sometimes improve performance.
  13. I looked at the asus tuf fa506iv with the ryzen 7 4800h but its panel has serious ghosting issues. Recommendations? Around the same price as the nitro 7 preferrably..