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  1. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T79J2LM Hello everyone, official DeepCool rep here. We got permission from the mods to post a general PC case survey in the off-topic section that's looking to take a pulse on the current case market to help guide us into making a better product. No personal information or emails are required, so no marketing shenanigans here. We're just looking to get honest answers and opinions from the community. I've posted this up to other areas on the internet and in hindsight there were a few questions that we definitely missed such as 5
  2. Hi @SpodermanBR, If I understand your situation correctly, you haven't bought any RGB fans or components yet right? If that is the case then I highly recommend to buy RGB parts that have 4-pins also known as 12V RGB. Since you only want to have one color lighting effects then you don't need any of the more expensive 5V Addressable RGB parts. Unfortunately I checked the Gamidas case fans and they only have 5V A-RGB fans or single color LED (just blue or red). As for our 5V to 12V RGB adapter, I actually do not recommend it because of new motherboard compatibility issues
  3. Here are some reviews of our DQ-M-V2L series if that helps you find your solution faster. https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/deepcool-gamer-storm-dq750-m-power-supply-review,1.html https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/deepcool-gamerstorm-dq-m-v2l-850w-power-supply-review https://www.eteknix.com/deepcool-dq850-m-v2l-power-supply-review/
  4. The size of the Optiplex 7010 DT motherboard is around an mATX, however, with that said since it is a more proprietary system it isn't guaranteed to align perfectly with the motherboard standoffs on our Matrexx 30. Do you have a picture of the motherboard so that we could verify the standoff locations? Final answer: it should fit. from the looks of it from browsing around.
  5. Hey y'all. Just adding my two cents here.. I would pose a 2nd question to the OP to understand the situation better. The "best" is often too general of a term to discern and while the D15 and our Assassin III are both best-in-class solutions for air cooling, they won't be the "best" if we have to consider other parameters. Just as @MrBrightSyde pointed out.. it indeed gets subjective. Here is a list of other considerations in no particular order: - Price per Performance - Size limitations - Noise levels - Looks / design / theme - Compatibility - Cost - Avail
  6. Not necessarily the same thing. Both protocols offer shiny blinky lights and yes there are plenty of proprietary connectors for each brand's iteration. But, there is a also a distinct difference between +5V ARGB (addressable RGB) and +12V RGB (non-addressable). It's the difference of whether each single LED can be programmable (ARGB) or all LEDs of the fan/strip/etc. have to shift colors together. Standardizing connectors in this industry is probably impossible. Relevant xkcd: https://xkcd.com/927/
  7. I think the Castle 360EX is great if I can say so myself Jokes aside, the 360mm variant is our best-selling liquid cooler and with all big radiators you will get the better performance within a certain delta compared to other systems on the market. Are you planning to do a high overclock on the 10700K? If you have any other questions, then I'll be happy to answer.
  8. Not sure if you already resolved your issue but in case you or anyone else needs additional info on this particular topic here's the answer. There won't be an issue for all fans connected to the FH-10 to be adjusted by the CPU_FAN header according to CPU temps. All of them will run at the same speed (granted all of them are the same model). But, as LogicalDRM mentioned, you probably don't need a 10 fan hub. Your AIO should come with a splitter and you can attach those 3 fans to the CPU_FAN header. The other system fans can be connected to the various other SYS_FAN ports and the pump
  9. Hello from DeepCool! This is our first time on LTT and we hope to contribute to the community and also provide some support for our products. If you aren't familiar with us, we manufacture CPU coolers, cases, PSUs and other PC hardware components. We launched new international offices this year to expand our support for regional locations that also includes local customer care. Let us know if you have any questions! Any feedback is welcome to help us improve. Cheers www.DeepCool.com Official DeepCool staff: DC-Ops DeepCool Zer0 DeepCool Alan