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  1. so are you saying that I should continue undervolting more and more until I start to get a BSOD??
  2. Before undervolting I used to get mostly +90 degrees and often at 95 degrees celcius, now after undervolting im still getting 90-94 degrees celcius, and yes I have already cleaned my laptop and gotten rid of all the dust
  3. I have an Asus Scar 2 GL504GS, with a gtx 1070 and an I7 8750H, im constantly having thermal issues so I decided to try undervolting, I am currently using intel extreme tuning utility and I have currently undervolted to -0.090 V on Core Voltage Offset and on Cache Voltage Offset, and it seems that im still having thermal issues after undervolting. Can anyone help me by giving me undervolt settings for my I7 8750H??