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  1. 9 hours ago, SansVarnic said:

    If I remember correctly something like this came out for DVI a long while ago and it never caught on since the ability to combine/carry sound with the cable was more or less unstable. This was corrected with HDMI and DP. I doubt it will "revolutionize" or "Future-proof" (there is that ridiculous term again) much. This is going to be another product that will hit a certain small-medium demographic and eventually fall to the wayside in a few years or be used 3 times and tossed in the electronics bin. Increasing not decreasing electronic waste.


    Not being a party pooper here just being realistic and going with how things play out normally.

    I don’t know what that guy is trying to say. Arcana isn’t a product that HDfury dreamed up but one our community came begging to be invented. I’m not exactly sure all of the features but I do know it’s exactly what I need or my setup doesn’t work correctly.  It’s going to be around until eARC is obsolete and then can be used to pass on audio to older eARC devices. I guess I could put my tv in the landfill and buy a new one but chances are I’d have lip sync issues and I’d still need it.  Revolutionary? It’s a game changer for me!