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  1. 99% sure all monitors are capable of downscaling their resolution.
  2. Might want to customize my case and would love to use dbrand, does it work?
  3. I run basic games, blender, adobe programs, and some simulation software.
  4. Games? Programs? After Effects addons? Anything? I really don't want to regret this, so I want to turn to the more knowledgeable members of the tech community.
  5. if hes getting offered a 3070 for free, why would he buy a worse card?
  6. I'm using a laptop that I share with my family, and it's one I rarely use and think would be fun to try insider on, but if the rest of my family was suddenly on W11 that wouldn't be great. Will the update reflect through all accts?
  7. It can be sometimes called Intel Trusted Security platform instead of tpm https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/enable-tpm-2-0-on-your-pc-1fd5a332-360d-4f46-a1e7-ae6b0c90645c
  8. So I preordered my iPhone 13 Pro Max (coming from a 7+ so this is a pretty massive upgrade for me) and I still haven’t gotten a case yet. Right now I’m using a Mous Limitless 2.0 I think? Whatever Limitless goes on the 7+ is what I’m using. Now I was planning to go Mous all the way for my new phone, because the drop protection is incredible. But then MKBHD mentioned the dbrand grip case and it seems like a viable option. It also makes my case more open to style and personalization. What I’m looking for in this is slimness, style, and drop protection. Which of these would you recommend?
  9. found lenovo smart clock and it seems to fit the bill just fine even with the crappy audio