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Yea, i use windows, W

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  1. As much as i like this post, "Overclocking!!!" is kind important, but hey, maybe O.P doesnt require it or he doesnt need it just my thought Also, This board may support ZEN3 but in the future? Not A Chance!!! You would have to upgrade your mo.do to a B550 or even a B450 or higher Again, just my thought
  2. i think the extra few bucks for the *SUPER* version of the 1660 are worth it just my opinion tho
  3. I prefer you wait, as nvidia is about to absolutely reck the budget gpu area, if the rumors are correct, you can get a RTX 3060 or Maybe A 3050Ti but its just a rumor, but hey! its worth the wait!
  4. shouldnt this be in off-topic? i may be wrong tho
  5. i mean, after a lot of days, a lot of people and i mean a lot of people were able to get the 3080s i think with a little bit of searching and a little bit of fast mouse clicks, i think 3060 will be mine
  7. 3100 is a MUCH better option for gaming, but if you are doing a multi-threaded task, gotta get that *Bargain* dude
  8. omg, linus said on my thread, i cant stop jumping
  9. Idk man, even MSI was a scalper on EBAY anything could be possible XD
  10. WHY?? WHY ON MY BIRTHDAY??? aw man i cant visit the forum on my birthday
  11. LLT Merch is sold at www.lttstore.com But once I typed it wrong as lttstore.co AND THAT REDIRECTED ME TO MKBHD MERCH Try it out yourself!!!
  12. Yes, they said yes, it would be better if you give a question to say yes or no to.
  13. I did check the sync tech of that monitor, its a hardware based gsync monitor
  14. I mean, if i get a 1080p 120hz monitor, i can easily over clock it upto 144hz, so theres that.... and a 1660S will not be able to handle 1440p in AAA titles, like AC origins or anyother, also the R3 3100 is also not made to run games at 1440p lol
  15. but to enjoy it, like 1080p medium-high, these specs will not be able to handle at alllll
  16. but how and why will 30 series pull more power? i mean, i think it makes sense now that i think about it lol
  17. 1080p games on 1440p looks fine, a minor tiny tiny quality loss is there, but its fine
  18. If you are fine with 640p and 30fps with massive stutters, then its fine, but intel hd graphics? is no good, even a 50$ athlon 3000g is SO MUCH BETTER
  19. Ah... Also according to nvidia, ampere will be more power efficient, due to the die shrink, and we did see the same results making ryzen CPUs more efficient when zen 2 came, so i agree with your comment
  20. Ahhh..... I understand now.. will remember in the future
  21. Nooooo..... I completely manually installed windows again