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  1. I have recently bought 2 x 120mm Xilence XF062 fans for the back side of my case as exhaust fans due to their high CFM values. All the other fans I have are connected with a 3-pin RGB light connector to a hub and I can control the lights with a small remote control. The two xilence fans are connected with a 4 pin RGB connector to my x570 MSI motherboard. If you click the following link you will see the fan. I want to achieve the first picture (see also the picture below) with the MSI - Dragon Center - Mystic Light functionality but I cannot seem to be able to do so...Does any other MSI user wi
  2. Ok found an MSI B450 VDH Max which states amd 3000 ready. Thanks for the help.
  3. So u say MSI B450 VDH Max will support it? Which brand is pro 4? Sorry to ask about it
  4. Hi guys we are building a budget system and we found a good offer for this Mobo (gigabyte Aorus 450M). Will this mobo suppoert a Ryzen 5 3600 out of the box? Or does it need a bios update with an older cpu? Some people say it will some others say no. Anyone with more info? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  5. Good point. I will do it and post the results. I was just overwhelmed by all the info I got and usually in the past I got great advice through LTT's forums, so I thought to ask here first to see what people with more experience than me in this sector have to say. Thank you for your answers and time.
  6. Exactly i have a small case for my this pc parts from when I was using it, my 1030 is a low profile one (fanless) and the cpu cooler is of low profile type as well. Thanks for your advice but my wife is fine with it as it won't be that visible I am mostly interested in performance than aesthetics (and to build it as cheaply as possible or in this case 0 cost).
  7. Exactly this is why I want to create the home cinema pc with the items we have left. I don't have to spend any money on it, I just wanted to know if my GPU is going to be enough because I read a Reddit post that a 1030 is not sufficeint due to its RAM limitation. According to the user 2 GBs are not enough for 4k netflix only if you have downloaded the media file in uir hard drive.
  8. I know that already but sadly I did not follow my own advice this time. I show the offer and I got "tricked" by it bought it fast and here we are :/...
  9. Care to elaborate more? Sorry for asking too much
  10. First of all thank you all for your fast replies and just to clarify. So for this particular setup my motherboard is fine right? I do not plan to go to a 3900x anytime soon, I just upgraded couple of months ago. Regarding airflow as you can see my case is well ventilated and there are already many fans pointing towards the pre-mentioned VRMs I just got terrified by some reviews I never expected an MSI product to be that bad.
  11. Yes my main goal for this system is to watch Netflix/Amazon Prime or movies in general. I have an old AMD FX-8350 and a spare NVIDIA 1030 and for this reason I was wondering if it is enough. Because I got a lot of conflicting info regarding this and I am not sure anymore, I read people mentioning an NVIDIA 730 would be also enough while other recommend an GTX 1060. Thats why I am asking for help because we are talkig about worlds apart in terms of mentioned GPUs
  12. Hello everyone, I have some spare parts and we thought with my wife to build a small home cinema - pc. We have a 4k HDR 65' inch TV but I am really not sure what are the demands for a 4k home cinema. I read some guides and there are many people who rely on their integrated GPU, others propose a GTX 1030 and other even a GTX 1050ti. As it becomes understood this is a big leap (from integrated to a 1050ti). What do you propose for a 4k home cinema pc?
  13. Ok this is my sad story. Some months ago I decided to upgrade my system and I moved over to the AMD side like many others. I found this amazing offer back then for an MSI-570-A-PRO (I bought it 110-115 Euros) and an AMD Ryzen 7 3700x. The rest of the specs are: 1. Corsair TX750M 80 Plus Gold 2. 2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance 3200 3. Palit NVIDIA RTX 2070 4. Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler 5. The case has 2 x 140mm fans on top and 2 x 120mm on the back as exhaust fans 6. 4 x 120mm fans front and 3 x 120mm fans down to push air in the case So why am I wr