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  1. Yep it showed the load wattage around 700w my only worry is that intel core reviews shows that it sometimes reaches 300W TDP!! In addition to the beefy 2080 ti which draws almost the same at 285W TDP, but meeh who would use these two components on their full TDP at the same time i guess i have a decent headroom, unfortunately i didnt find the 850w variant in stock
  2. Hello LTT community I'm kinda new here and would like a recommendation whether i should take another look at another psu with higher wattage or not, and EXCUSE my english it's not my native language. The PSU i chose is Seasonic Prime 750W Titanium certifed i visited multiple sites that calculates PSU wattage and it concludes that my pc build with some peripherals and a bit overclocking results a 700w recommendation and I'm kinda worried that there's no headroom left for future upgrades. due to the present dilemma and the lack of pc parts in the market, i went with the Seaso