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  1. I'm sorry didn't know that was a thing. I've been looking at thinkpads recently. The l560 for example would that be a good buy?
  2. Thank you allthough i can't find any models from the TUF Series under 800€ i'll keep it in my backhand!
  3. I don't really have any size or weight limitations. It would be nice to have a 15" screen but it doesn't have to be the best one i don't care about colour accuracy etc. that much. I just don't know what to look for in the mobile market since i've only ever built desktop PCs and even that was when the NVIDIA 900 series released.
  4. Hey, i'm looking for a notebook used mostly for Uni (Office) and light gaming (Hearthstone, LoL for example) I'm on a tight budget of around 500€ so i'm fine with buying used but it should have 8 gigs of RAM and an SSD. I'm quite out of touch with the notebook market so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Even if they aren't exactly in the 500€ pricerange just so i know what to look out for in the used market. Thank you very much!