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    vanitasboi reacted to Lord Vile in HP Spectre x360 2019 - ist it really that bad?   
    Laptop manufacturers are literally just trying to stand out. Most laptops end up being pretty much the same (MacBook clones running windows with worse trackpads) and they throw a few random curveballs to make it stand out. Like really is there that much difference between a dell and a HP laptop? No not really. 
    Personally if i had to get a windows laptop I'd go with the surface laptop, 3:2 screen is nice and the keyboard is supposed to be superb. 
  2. Informative
    vanitasboi reacted to manikyath in HP Spectre x360 2019 - ist it really that bad?   
    we have a 13 inch spectre at work in our very limited showroom.. its a very oddball device.. the trackpad drives are iffy, power button *is* in a very odd place, there's some other questionable choices, ... but all in all, for a CEO who needs to stand out in a business meeting, it's one hell of a laptop.
    just basing myself on your profile picture.. i presume you're not a CEO.. buy an envy x360 instead. it's largely the same featureset, but is notably more affordable. an envy with a dedicated GPU can be had for less than an integrated graphics spectre.