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  1. In formatting my only drive (using windows installer on a usb stick) There's a system partition, a recovery partition, a MSR partition and a primary partition. I can't install windows on my primary partition as it is a GTP partition. What do I do to wipe my system properly and install windows? Remove all partitions? Just format them? Create a new one?
  2. I see. Is it possible to format the disk my os is on? (My boot drive basically everything)
  3. I see so many different methods when I search it up and I don't know what the right one is I want to wipe my ssd (it's my main drive I have windows on, I have 1 other usb stick)
  4. Thanks. I'm gonna format my hard drive and just clean everything, and reinstall proper drivers
  5. No but I did have CPU heat issues lately but not that extreme (95 degree is the overheat limit I think)
  6. Yesterday night I got an unexplained BOSD for the first time with error WIN32_KEY_SECURITY_FAILURE My friend said it's probably CPU overheating. What is it exactly and what should I do?
  7. It sat around 70C for a few minutes just after starting up my PC, after which it went down to lower 30s where it has ever been at for hours now.
  8. Thank you. I was using a program called Coretemp. I installed AIDA64 and they're showing the same temperatures right now (about 33 degrees)
  9. My CPU was about 70 degrees on idle and for seemingly no reason it just dove down to a record low temp of 31 degrees with no change in CPU usage or fan speed. This phenomenon happened multiple times lately ever since I reapplied thermal paste 2 days ago. Anyone knows what's up?
  10. So I turned off my pc and pressed the cooler a bit harder onto the board and now the temps are half as high, so I guess it's solved fortunately
  11. I just reapplied thermal paste and my CPU is idling on 80+ degrees (it kept getting hotter). The fan is spinning. I cleaned both the sink and CPU properly with arcticlean thermal remover and purifier and coffee filters and put a good amount of new MX-4 on top. I just don't understand what went wrong.
  12. While playing relatively light games (Heroes & Generals, Rec Orchestra 2 etc) my CPU is around 70-80 degrees. On benchmark youtube videos it is much cooler (50-60 while playing witcher 3) Should I maybe add new thremal paste? When putting together my PC, I removed and reattached the cooler after some time to check the position. CPU: 1600 AF 3 case fans Stock cooler
  13. That surprises me if it's the case. I really tried to get a good quality PSU (I got the Bitfenix Formula Gold 550). Should I do a memory test to check if that's it?
  14. This happens about once a day now and more than it used to. On seemingly random occasions my PC crashes. My screen freezes and then turns black and fans in my PC will go on and off. (this is what it sounds like) Pressing the power button doesn't do anything so each time I have to turn off power by force. Does anyone know what can be the cause of this and how to fix it?