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  1. Just got a new motherboard and my performance has gone up! Thank you for your help :D. God bless you .
  2. Hmm yes I was afraid so. Thanks for all the help mate. Going to see if I can upgrade it or smth.
  3. Hey! Thanks for the reply :3. Check my other messages for more info
  4. So I was able to test it. The light doesnt turn on in another pc. So I tried my other pci-e slot and the light turns on as well. So I am thinking that my mobo doesnt supply enough power to the gpu. (I have 500 watts)
  5. I am unable to do that today. Going to try it tomorrow and post the results here :D. In any case thanks in advance!
  6. I bought it from a friend of mine, I had the same problem with my last GPU (RX 480). But was too lazy to fix the problem since everything worked as expected
  7. Hey Everyone! So I've built my pc a while ago and I have used it for quite some time now. Recently I have upgraded my GPU from a RX480 to a GTX 1070. Everything boots normally and the GPU works. The problem is the fact that my Motherboard says that there is something wrong with my GPU. While installing the GPU I noticed that it doesn't seat 100% correctly. When the GPU is unscrewed the GPU is able to Swivel. I also noticed that I have pretty bad perfomance. i.e. I get 80 FPS in LoL (doesn't matter what settings). And I get 30 fps in GW2 (while my mate gets 60 fps all ultra settings