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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte H310M A 2.0
  • RAM
    Teamgroup T-FORCE RGB 16GB 2x8 2666Mhz
  • GPU
    MSI Gaming X 1660Ti
  • Case
    darkFlash DLM21 Black
  • Storage
    256GB Sabrent Rocket M.2
    1TB SanDisk Plus SSD
    2TB Seagate HDD from Xbox External HD
  • PSU
    Insignia 550W 80+ Bronze (BestBuy Brand lol)
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    Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx 24.5" TN 1080p 240hz 1ms
    Acer K242HY 24" 1080p 60hz
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  • Keyboard
    Custom Skyloong GK61 w/ Kailh Speed Silver
  • Mouse
    Glorious Model O
  • Sound
    Steelseries Arctic 3 + Apple Headphones
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Laptop
    MSI GL62 6QF-628 i5-6300HQ / GTX 960M 2GB / 8GB DDR4 / 1TB HDD
  1. I'm planning on getting a new desk for my room in a new apartment. I'm on a tight budget so I'm thinking on getting this: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Ameriwood-Home-Dominic-L-Desk-with-Bookshelves-Black-Oak/24216644 It's made out of all particle board, from my understanding. And I've heard they are usually 1/2in thick. My main appeal is that it's at $100, it has shelves, and it has a closed back with enough overhang in the back from the tabletop to clamp monitors to. Which I'm planning to do with a single dual monitor arm on the left side. My main concern is it's ability to hold it u
  2. The weirdest thing is happening, Apex Legends is refusing to start because of the lower overclock I put on, and now Heaven is as well. When the core previously was at +149 when I was away from home, changing it when I came back after leaving my PC on with nothing going on to +135 from +149 and it is crashing after a minute. I don't understand why it is deciding to do such a thing now all of a sudden.
  3. Is there a guide that I can find to help me take off the back plate? All the screws seem to be screwed from the inside and capped on the backplate.
  4. Dang, if not already, try to repaste it/get someone you know to repaste it. I've heard those Asus versions of the 1660ti have been not too great at cooling.
  5. This article is actually quite helpfulI. After remote controlling my PC from my phone with chrome remote desktop and running Heaven after I changed the core to +135 like in the article and noticed I'm getting the 2070mhz as I've seen usually when I had it at +149. Maybe I've just been getting diminishing returns through heat trying to make my core clock go higher when it can't for no reason. I'll be sure to compare my results when I get home tomorrow because the stream lags when games are open and the temperatures get inconsistent cause the window is in and out of focus.
  6. I've been dancing around the temperature numbers from my 1660ti in my head for the past few weeks. Seeing that my card goes as high as 86C in an airconditoned room (unsure of the room temp but I leave it blasting at 60F at all times on energy saver) and about 84-85C with my case open, sometimes even with an external fan blowing on it, but only when playing certain games, not all. My main test has been with Apex Legends in the training area because the gpu is at 99% on medium/high settings with a constant 7500mhz on memory and bopping between 2055 & 2070 on core at full load. I use it for m