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  1. I just go thread stuck on deviveice driver Blue screen
  2. My psu have 76% efficiency And I pass memtest86 without error
  3. Every temp normal and I installed lastest driver I got 2666mhz ram & 500watt psu
  4. After few I open a pretty heavy app For few minutes Like blender,some games,etc I got blue screen or suddenly restart Is that because single channel ram My system: ryzen 3 3200g Single channel ddr4 ASRock a 320m hdv r4.0
  5. I overclocking my Kingston hyperx 2666 mhz to 2933 MHz (on asrock a320m-hdv r 4.0) w/ryzen 3 3200g But after save configuration it show nothing After I clear the cmos it fixed again Why my overclocking not working