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  1. 29 minutes ago, -rascal- said:


    Are you sure TMPIN3 is the reading for the VRMs?

    It looks like a reading from a non-existing temperature sensor instead.

    If something is running at 118*C constantly, it will either be melting, burning, or caught on fire...

    How can i check what exactly TMPIN3 is? I think your correct its not connected to anything, the temp hasn't changed at all since I first noticed it

  2. I just downloaded HWMonitor and what checking how my system is running and noticed TMPIN3 is running really hot. I currently have a Ryzen 2700x clocked at 4ghz, and my pc is an itx build inside an NZXT H1 case. Im sure overclocking is a factor to hotter vrms but im very new to overclocking so I dont fully understand these temperatures. 


    Any info or tips would be so helpful, thank youu

    vrm temps.png