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  1. That depends on what the used market can offer, but since most people bought the ryzen 3600, that's probably what i'm going to get.
  2. What do you mean ? You still think the 5700xt is the still the best choice ?
  3. i5 6500, keep in mind that i'm upgrading the whole pc and I will probably get a used cpu+mobo combo
  4. I sometimes record and do light video editing, does it matter much ?
  5. HI guys, since the 3000 series was announced i started looking my local used market for a GPU upgrade (i have a 1060 6GB). I think i found 3 candidates for my use, a 1440p 144hz monitor: a RTX 2070(not super) msi ventus for 270€, a 5700xt sapphire pulse for 320€ and a 5700xt red dragon for 300€. Is one of these a interesting option ? Or should I wait for the 3060 or big navi announcement ? I'm not in a hurry to upgrade, I'm just looking for a nice deal.
  6. Alright, so i'll look more into the corsair cx550m, bitfenix formula gold and the seasonic core. Thanks for the advice.
  7. In the psu tier list it's considered [Gray - units with various issues and concerns, see notes in the spreadsheet ]. You sure it's a good one ?
  8. I'm in Italy. How do I change that setting ? I'm new here.
  9. I would say 100€ max for the psu alone but I'm pretty sure high quality ones can be found for 80 or even less, right ?
  10. Hi guys! Let's get to the point, this is my build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NLhXwh plus the corsair vs450 (the one with the vs in yellow) and a usb expansion card. I was considering upgrading the whole system piece by piece, starting with the psu. I'm talking a ryzen 5 3600/5600xt kinda upgrade. Can i keep the psu i have ? If not what wattage should i look for (specific examples are appreciated) ? Thanks for the help.