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  1. Would it be possible to take the housing of my broken PS2 controller and use that instead of the new PS2 controller’s? The broken PS2 controller’s buttons don’t work but it holds all of the screws fine.
  2. Hi I bought a used PS2 controller off eBay last year and noticed a gap on the side of the controller. I tried tightening the screws inside the holes but there is still a gap. One screw is missing on the top right. I got a screw from my broken PS2 controller and tried to screw it in but no matter what it would not screw in. First photo shows the gap and second photo shows the hole for the screw (it’s missing a screw), the other photos show the holes with screws in.
  3. Hi 2 years ago Protube which was a Youtube client for iOS was removed from the App Store because the creator was given a decision by Google to either disable the major features of the app, like ad free 4k playback and background playback or remove it from the App Store because it was competing with Youtube Red. Google made a significant change to their UI many times after Protube was removed from the App Store so when people downloaded the IPA from download sites it would not play videos. Are there any other good Youtube clients for iOS in the Australian App Store? Video tube doesn
  4. Hi Is it possible to print a photo in 4k? If a printer can print the highest possible dots per inch what resolution equivalent could it print in for example 4k, 8k, 12k?
  5. Hi everyone I want to take photos of family occasions like birthdays, marriages etc. I have an iPhone XS, but I’m not sure whether the quality is better or worse than DSLRs, particularly the one I am considering a Canon EOS 1500D ($550 Australian dollars). Is this better than my iPhone XS camera? If not, which DSLRs should I consider that will achieve better quality than smartphones? If these DSLRs could take a higher quality pictures, for how long will they stay ahead of smartphone cameras? Are mirrorless cameras better or worse than DSLRs in terms of image quality?
  6. Hey everyone There is a channel on Youtube which contains a video that is very important to me. I would like to download it without any type of conversion as this degrades the quality. It should be an exact copy of the original file is being played when you open the video on Youtube. How can I do this?
  7. Okay, here’s a question. I don’t trust any OS available, not Windows, not MacOS, not Linux, not Unix. I know that all of these probably have some kind of hidden vulnerability or secret backdoor that can be exploited by a hacker, governments, spy agencies, cybercriminals and phone home with metadata to interested third parties. I especially don’t trust Ubuntu or anything based on Ubuntu because of Canonical’s practices in the past. So I am looking for an OS that cannot be tracked at all in any way, shape or form? Why? I am tired of my privacy being violated and I want to be in control of my com
  8. Hi, Which distro of Linux has the full source code available? Full source code means, all of the code, in plain text, available to view, as opposed to Github files of some components of the operating system? Is there an operating system with the full source code available, not if you ask them, but publicly available? Can anyone edit the source code?
  9. Hi, I live in Australia and play on the Asian servers (due to there being no Oceanic servers), where I have 200ms that sometimes goes to 514ms ping and my opponents probably have 0 to 5ms ping. I play on an iPad Air 1 at medium framerate 25fps max, with significant lag at close quarters fights. I was about to win a game just then but my opponent emerged after camping in the house in the final zone for most of the game, jumping out of the corner, spinning and landed every hit on my torso, while I got a lot of him with my M762 with compensator and angled grip, but it was no match for
  10. Hi everyone, I have an event that is a whole day event in the Windows 10 calendar and I want it to display as an icon for the day when I click on the time in Windows. Is it possible to do this?
  11. Hey guys, How do I prevent uTorrent from rechecking a torrent after accidentally removing an external hard drive? Also why are 5400rpm external hard drives so slow even with USB 3.0? Why do they still exist? Waiting for the stream of hostile comments! I’ve come to only expect hostility and criticism from this forum’s members to newbies. Love you guys too
  12. I have stopped using Windows since the beginning of this year. Isn’t LibreOffice fully compatible with Microsoft Office? I tried playing an embedded video clip in a powerpoint presentation I downloaded it wouldn’t play also the text appeared on the side in one slide. I didn’t look for a solution but I would assume that means that LibreOffice isn’t actually fully compatible?
  13. Hi, I’m looking for a Linux distribution, Unix OS or any other operating system that is professional, work oriented, for productivity, maintained by programmers that know what they are doing, or is owned by a large company, or is used for something important, reliable, and has an office suite that is 100% compatible with Microsoft Office and mainstream software even if I need to pay for it. It must be very well supported and documented. I am a computer science student and have done spent the most time doing my work on Windows 7 and 8.1 and have spent 6 months on macOS. What are the
  14. Hey guys, I have Kubuntu and Windows 10 in a dual boot config on my machine and was wondering how do I increase the size of my Kubuntu partition by taking away the GB available in my WIndows partiton? I have two partitions on my hard drive the Kubuntu one and Windows 10. I want to enable hibernation on Kubuntu but don't have enough free space to create a swap file so I want to increase the space available to Kubuntu in order to do that. I also want to be able to hibernate Kubuntu and then go into Windows 10 to play games. How can do I this? I have a GRUB menu where I can choose bet