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    Asus H81M-C
  • RAM
    8 GB DDR3 G.Skill
  • GPU
    MSI Gaming X GeForce GTX 1650 4GB
  • Case
    Deepcool GamerStorm Macube 310
  • Storage
    500 GB Seagate
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    Thermaltake 430 W
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    Intel Cooler
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    Corsair RGB Pro
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    Windows 10

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  1. so i turn on my pc and it turns on like the pc the fans and everything but its full black on the screen nothing shows up. I then shut it down and start it back up like power it on and then it works perfectly fine like normal.
  2. well it started acting weird when i used alexa wake up on lan but i removed it after that and the problem kept persisting.
  3. i7-4790k, Z97 Killer, 1650 super, 500 ssd.
  4. So every time i go to boot up my pc it just shows a black screen all the fans are spinning everything is on. I then have to shut it down and turn it back on and then it works can someone explain why this is happening thanks.
  5. so every time i turn on my pc nothing shoes up on my screen so i turn it off and on and it everything works and it sends it to the bios everytime and its back to normal but its only when i start up my pc is goes black.
  6. so i am looking into buying a new keyboard but i don't know which are the best for gaming, can someone help me ? the keyboard offers gateron switches, optical ones what are the best optical gateron switches
  7. so i plug in my mic hyperx quad cast but when i plug in my headset into the hyperx mic i can’t hear anything. please let me know why !
  8. so i recently bought a hyper x quad cast and when i turn it on it or record something while talking it makes a horrible buzzing noise like so loud i can’t even hear my voice can someone please help me the mic turns red and everything seems fine i need help !
  9. thats all i needed to hear thank you very much. i hope u have a great new years !
  10. no boot preference is easy i know how to do that. i know how to do all of that stuff in my bios, overclocking everything but i just don't know about cloning because ive never done it. and after someone who showed me how to do it im asking after the procedure is it okay to delete everything off the old hdd is that a hard question because if it is i can just put another forum for someone who can help me and im not trying to offend you but i am just saying.
  11. how ? after watching the video i understand everything he said all im asking is after everything went well and successful couldn't i just delete everything off my hdd. Is that hard to answer ? because if everything went well it would all just be in my ssd.
  12. but what do u mean format ? can i just click on everything and just delete and dont worry about missing something i got nothing important on this pc. just games