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  1. Got a strange one for you all. Stumped me aswell so hopefully someone can help out. Took wires out of back of pc to move it to the other side of the desk. Flipped the wall switch and the PSU switch to off just to be on the safe side. Plugged everything back in and flipped the wall switch but left the PSU switch to off. Didn’t realise and pressed the on button on the case and the PC tried to power on and turned off straight away. Obviously wouldn’t boot because the power supply is off but why would it even try to boot with it off? Flipped the PSU switch to on and all booted fine. Strange one an
  2. Got a Corsair 750 watt PSU all running fine however ive got some strange resonance that ive narrowed down to the PSU. Best way I can describe it is a pulsating humming noise. This is constant as soon as the Computer is powered on until its turned off. This a common trait with these sfx psu's or do I have a dodgy fan?
  3. All drivers and bios are all up to date. I’ve disabled XMP for the time been. Only issue with that is after I disable it my ram clocks to 2133mhz instead of the 3200mhz
  4. Been having intermittent issues with the PC turning on fans spinning and keyboard lighting up but no display. Motherboard sounds 1 long beep with 3 short ones. Think my bios is an AMI one and im unsure if this points to a RAM issue? This is completely random can be fine for days and a restart or a shut down causes it when i next boot up. I've swapped out this list of parts and im still getting this issue. I do have XMP enabled in my bios and I'm unsure if its linked to that as I was running into issues with the ram not been the correct speed. I have ran memtest and it comes back al
  5. Getting screen tearing with my RX 5700xt with freesync activated and v sync disabled. I’m running up to date drivers and also running a freesync 144hz monitor however I’m experiencing minor screen tearing. Whole screen isn’t tearing just seems to be certain isolated areas. Enchanced sync or any other option like that is not checked in AMD Radeon software. Anyone any ideas ?
  6. Hi all, every now and then my PC monitor will fail to turn on with my pc (everything else boots up fine) and then show signal not detected if I hold the power button down and restart it, it works fine I’ve swapped various parts including. mobo Psu Gpu Monitor But still does this intermittently . I’ve also tried turning off fast start up and reseating the display port cable however still doesn’t make an imagine appear. My gpu is a 5700xt and the monitor is a iiyama red eagle gb2560HSU-B1. Can’t seem to see anything causing it specifically it just randomly happens every now and then.
  7. Hi all, Just reinstalled my CPU cooler as wasnt happy with the temps. Upon plugging the PC back in, pressed the power on and i was greeted with clicking noise and my pc led fans flashing. Never had any issues with the pc before hand and is currently working flawlessly now. Turned the pc off and pulled all the plugs out of the back and checked the connections on the pc to check i hadnt knocked anything all looked fine so hooked it all back up. All worked fine after this im thinking i didnt seat the power cable into the back of the pc correctly could this cause this as it
  8. Hi all got a b550i gigabyte itx motherboard with no aio header. My idea is to hook the pump header up to the CPU fan header and run it DC. Radiator fans connect to a pwm splitter included by nzxt. Question is do I have to change the radiator fan settings in bios to be cpu fans? Question is I’ve tried this and it is very loud obviously with ryzen spiking like it does.
  9. Been having issues when I update my PC and restart when the computer boots back up the screen doesn't turn on light orange instead of green. The pc boots fine its just the monitor that isn't displaying. Things ive tried. Swapping out the motherboard Swapping out the GPU Updating the chipset Updating the Bios Clean install of windows Swapping out the PSU New display port cable Tried with HDMI Different monitor Tried digging in event viewer however unable to find anything around the time it reboots. Issue is getting slightly annoyin
  10. Hi all, Been trying to lower the temperatures of the 5700xt as i was peaking at 84 degrees. Set a custom fan curve and undervolted and its dropped to around 74-75 which is fine. However I know the junction temperature will be much higher however its staying about a 20 degrees difference? is this a normal gap? Ive come from nvidia so first time seeing this sort of number. Also with the fan curve is there anyway of setting it not to follow the junction temp? As your sort of guessing fan speeds at 80-90 degrees because thats what the junction will get up to. fo
  11. Hi currently undervolting my graphics card, i run heaven a max out the gpu load and then alter the curve. im running 0.900v at 1830mhz however when i jump back into heaven after i save again the voltage runs higher than ive set? unsure why this is happening? it eventually settles at the voltage and mhz i set however its jumping up to over 1000v? is this anything to do with the wonderful world of gpu boost that we cant control?
  12. Windows 10 is flickering intermittently. Doesn’t do it inside games that’s completely fine however does it on the desktop in certain applications like -ryzen master -razer synapse 3 Best way to describe what is happening is when I select for example something on ryzen master like the temp circles or usage ones at the top and roll over them I get mild screen flicker but it’s not just on the program it’s the whole screen . It doesn’t go off it’s more noticeable on darker colours. Leaning towards it been an issue with windows 10. I’m running all up to date drivers an
  13. Hi all, hoping i can finally end this madness. Im having a really hard time undervolting this card through MSI afterburner. Im aiming for 1920 MHz at around 925v, I can set the curve just fine however when im testing in heaven it gets to around 50-55 degrees and downclocks to around 1905 then as I get hotter it drops to around 1890 just wondering why its doing this and is there a way to stop it? attached a picture of my curve is there anything you can see wrong with why it might be doing what its doing? I know there is a v sort of line in the graph at 925 volts however