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  1. 5600x temperatures what are you getting? 34 idle. Hitting around 70 degrees in games (apex) running 3440x1440p at 144hz at ultra. Unsure if this is a normal temperature or it’s slightly high ? With a noctua nhd15. prime 95 for about 20 minutes I’m maxing at 55 degrees. cinebench r20 is 55 degrees after 10 minutes with PBO enabled cinebench will rise to 80 degrees. considering maybe a arctic cooler freezer 2 360 but unsure if it would provide lower temperatures. More so wanting to free space up in my case but won’t be doing it if
  2. Assassins creed Valhalla restarted pc? PC forced restart when first playing Valhalla? Just got Valhalla installed and decided to jump straight in. Loaded up fine started controlling the little child and walked towards the guy playing the guitar and PC restarted? Looked on event viewer and ill I have got it Event Id 41 Pretty confident this isn’t my pc as I’ve been gaming most of this week just not on Valhalla. Had a poke around other Reddit forums and apparently this restart is common when first installed just wondering if anyone else has had this and ca
  3. Hi all, Using an NZXT X53 thermals are great and really loving the cooler performing perfect however I run the pump 100% all the time, and at 100% I noticed pump buzz? if i drop it to 65% it goes away so it is definitely the pump. I wouldnt say this is loud but is audible is this normal for some buzz/noise from the pump on x53
  4. @naike ive got the exact same motherboard as you however im running a 5600x, just wondering what you load cinebench r20 temps are? and do you have PBO enabled in bios as mine sets auto automatically but if I manualy enable it I get higher scores and boost however temperature tops at 79 degrees
  5. sorry should have put the rest of the speccs in. Ryzen 5600x msi x570 tomahawk 32gb DDR4 3600Mhz Ram Corsair Vengance NZXT X53 240mm aio
  6. @Moonzy most reviewers and 3rd parties seem to be getting in the region of 4400-4500
  7. @Senzelian upon relooking im only boosting to 4.2ghz on cinebench r20
  8. Ran cinebench r20 and I seem to be getting quite low scores compared to review videos. I’m stuck between 4000-4100. If I enable PBO instead of setting that to auto I achieve 4500 score however my temperatures hit 80 degrees where as with it at auto I’m at 53 degrees. sort of a bit stuck just wondering if anyone else has this ? fresh install of windows up to date bios and chipset drivers
  9. Hi all upgraded my motherboard last week and didn’t do a clean install of windows and all was fine. Flashed the bios to be able to upgrade to my 5000 cpu that was arriving in a weeks time and also all went fine and PC was working fine all week. flash forward to today cpu turns up. Install it and it will only boot into the bios? Tried making sure it’s booting from proper SSD however won’t have it. I managed to get it all working via a fresh install of windows. I know I’ve already found my solution im just wondering does a cpu upgrade warrant a new clean insta
  10. My 3600 Idles from start up around 33-55 degrees when settling down im around the 33 to 45 degrees mark with it spiking to 55 degrees on occasion. Just wanting to make sure that is normal behaviour with the spiking? In cinebench R15 im hitting around 62 degrees after a quick run and gaming for instance in world of warcraft for an hour which isnt exactly stressing is around 53 degrees. Its been cooled with a 240mm nzxt x53 AIO cooler. Do these temperatures sound respectable?
  11. Speaker is installed I was troubleshooting the pc as I was getting gpu error all sorted now however noticed when I pulled the ram out and was testing it to make sure my motherboard wasn’t dead with everything attached bar the ram the motherboard didn’t beep and error code like I thought it would have ?
  12. Tested my motherboard as I was having intermittent issues that seem to have been sorted however is it normal for some motherboards not to beep at all when no ram is installed ? gigabyte b550i ami bios
  13. @ShrimpBrime many thanks for that. Bios beeps seem to be linked to xmp yes. With regards to it posting it emits the beeps and no display is given so I have to hard reset the pc then boots fine. Only seems to do this issue when the pc has been left off for a while. Just seem to be running into a brick wall with it replaced and tested most of the pc everything is seated fine and I’m pretty confident it’s non of the hardware which leads me to thinking it’s something to do with xmp I may be wrong. ive memory test however that came back clean
  14. Bios emits one long beep and 3 short without a gpu plugged in however on AMI I thought this was linked to a ram issue? Only ask as I thought I had a ram issue as it was beeping when everything was plugged in however was trouble shooting and booted without gpu and it emitted the same sounds ? motherboard is a gigabyte b550i
  15. My board is having issues with XMP and voltage and turning it off solved the issue so I’m wanting to achieve the desired speeds manually I understand my timings however I’m struggling with TRC default it is set to 61 however if I remember correctly XMP changed it to 64 so I’m unsure which to use. Obviously wouldn’t be enabling xmp so thinking to use it at 61-62 tcl + tras for the trc Settings looks like this Tcl 18 Trcdrd. 22 Trcdwr. 22 Trp. 22 Tras. 42 trc 62 And I’ll leave the rest on auto I’m only wanting advertised speeds Voltage 1.35 Had a slight i
  16. Hi all had issues with my xmp voltage. I set it too 1.35 however my motherboard is reporting 1.404. Had a look in CPUID and it’s indeed reporting correct at 1.35. I’ve added some pictures as it’s always easier to see just wondering if this is normal ? many thanks
  17. Been having a 1 long beep 3 short on AMI bios which means ram issue in first 64kb. My computer would boot however no screen. If I hard reset and tried again it would work and post fine. my ram is Corsair vengeance rgb pro 3600mhz. I have XMP enabled however I think it was the voltage causing me issues it was set at 1.2v with xmp enabled. I increased this manually to 1.35 and it seems to have sorted the issue. is this low voltage likely to cause this issue I’m seeing?
  18. My motherboard is emitting one long and 3 short beeps. I’m able to find the award bios codes however I’m running on AMI and I’m struggling to find what I’m looking for and wondering what it is
  19. Got a reoccurring persistent issue. 1 long beep followed by 3 short and no display. This has happened on and off for a while however in the process I’ve upgraded the whole system and I’m still getting the issue. It isn’t consistent randomly happens on boot up. If it doesn’t boot and beeps its normally fixed by powering it off and restarting and it works fine. Taking the gpu cables out gives the same beeps however I’ve got an AMI bios so I’m confused as to why one long beep followed by 3 short leads to gpu issues. This code on AMI points towards RAM. Ive tried 2 different types
  20. @Windows7ge thanks for the reply posts fine when front panel switch is disconnected and I jump it via a screwdriver however doesn’t post or beep at all with front panel installed
  21. Hi all I know this is a stab in the dark and Im asking you to basically predict the lottery but would really appreciate any input so here it goes. just finished transferring my pc from one case to another (Streacom da2) all hooked up and when I plug the power wire into the pc and flick the wall switch it powers on without me needing to press the case switch. Thought no problems opened it up and switched them around and double checked in correct place however still powering on incorrectly. Pulled the I/O headers out completely and it doesn’t boot at all then which
  22. Been messing about with the undervolt of the gigabyte 5700xt. Managed to achieve tested on heaven 1999mhz at a stable 1035 volts which temp wise is about 65 degrees core with a 90 degree junction temp also managed the advertised boost clock speed of 1905 at 0.990volts. Temps are about 60 degrees with a junction temp of 80-85. just wondering if it’s worth sacrificing the minor performance gain for the temperature ? Curious to see what other people are undervolting on the 5700xt
  23. 5700xt Junction temperatures? Just wondering what’s considered normal internet gives mixed views benchmarking heaven Will sit at about 74 degrees with a junction temp of 101 obviously this is more than a game will probably pull however just wondering if these temps are in the normal range? Hovers around 67-68 in apex with junction temp at around 90-95. Just unsure on the nearly 20 degrees gap difference in heaven and what’s considered normal?
  24. Most rap/rock music and FPS shooters with a mix of MMO unsure of my choice but I’m leaning towards a DT 990 PRO powered by either a creative sound blaster g5 £105 Fiio e10k £60 unsure on which amp to pick as there is quite a big difference in price