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  1. Speaker is installed I was troubleshooting the pc as I was getting gpu error all sorted now however noticed when I pulled the ram out and was testing it to make sure my motherboard wasn’t dead with everything attached bar the ram the motherboard didn’t beep and error code like I thought it would have ?
  2. Tested my motherboard as I was having intermittent issues that seem to have been sorted however is it normal for some motherboards not to beep at all when no ram is installed ? gigabyte b550i ami bios
  3. @ShrimpBrime many thanks for that. Bios beeps seem to be linked to xmp yes. With regards to it posting it emits the beeps and no display is given so I have to hard reset the pc then boots fine. Only seems to do this issue when the pc has been left off for a while. Just seem to be running into a brick wall with it replaced and tested most of the pc everything is seated fine and I’m pretty confident it’s non of the hardware which leads me to thinking it’s something to do with xmp I may be wrong. ive memory test however that came back clean
  4. Bios emits one long beep and 3 short without a gpu plugged in however on AMI I thought this was linked to a ram issue? Only ask as I thought I had a ram issue as it was beeping when everything was plugged in however was trouble shooting and booted without gpu and it emitted the same sounds ? motherboard is a gigabyte b550i
  5. My board is having issues with XMP and voltage and turning it off solved the issue so I’m wanting to achieve the desired speeds manually I understand my timings however I’m struggling with TRC default it is set to 61 however if I remember correctly XMP changed it to 64 so I’m unsure which to use. Obviously wouldn’t be enabling xmp so thinking to use it at 61-62 tcl + tras for the trc Settings looks like this Tcl 18 Trcdrd. 22 Trcdwr. 22 Trp. 22 Tras. 42 trc 62 And I’ll leave the rest on auto I’m only wanting advertised speeds Voltage 1.35 Had a slight i
  6. Hi all had issues with my xmp voltage. I set it too 1.35 however my motherboard is reporting 1.404. Had a look in CPUID and it’s indeed reporting correct at 1.35. I’ve added some pictures as it’s always easier to see just wondering if this is normal ? many thanks
  7. Been having a 1 long beep 3 short on AMI bios which means ram issue in first 64kb. My computer would boot however no screen. If I hard reset and tried again it would work and post fine. my ram is Corsair vengeance rgb pro 3600mhz. I have XMP enabled however I think it was the voltage causing me issues it was set at 1.2v with xmp enabled. I increased this manually to 1.35 and it seems to have sorted the issue. is this low voltage likely to cause this issue I’m seeing?
  8. My motherboard is emitting one long and 3 short beeps. I’m able to find the award bios codes however I’m running on AMI and I’m struggling to find what I’m looking for and wondering what it is
  9. Got a reoccurring persistent issue. 1 long beep followed by 3 short and no display. This has happened on and off for a while however in the process I’ve upgraded the whole system and I’m still getting the issue. It isn’t consistent randomly happens on boot up. If it doesn’t boot and beeps its normally fixed by powering it off and restarting and it works fine. Taking the gpu cables out gives the same beeps however I’ve got an AMI bios so I’m confused as to why one long beep followed by 3 short leads to gpu issues. This code on AMI points towards RAM. Ive tried 2 different types
  10. @Windows7ge thanks for the reply posts fine when front panel switch is disconnected and I jump it via a screwdriver however doesn’t post or beep at all with front panel installed
  11. Hi all I know this is a stab in the dark and Im asking you to basically predict the lottery but would really appreciate any input so here it goes. just finished transferring my pc from one case to another (Streacom da2) all hooked up and when I plug the power wire into the pc and flick the wall switch it powers on without me needing to press the case switch. Thought no problems opened it up and switched them around and double checked in correct place however still powering on incorrectly. Pulled the I/O headers out completely and it doesn’t boot at all then which
  12. Been messing about with the undervolt of the gigabyte 5700xt. Managed to achieve tested on heaven 1999mhz at a stable 1035 volts which temp wise is about 65 degrees core with a 90 degree junction temp also managed the advertised boost clock speed of 1905 at 0.990volts. Temps are about 60 degrees with a junction temp of 80-85. just wondering if it’s worth sacrificing the minor performance gain for the temperature ? Curious to see what other people are undervolting on the 5700xt
  13. 5700xt Junction temperatures? Just wondering what’s considered normal internet gives mixed views benchmarking heaven Will sit at about 74 degrees with a junction temp of 101 obviously this is more than a game will probably pull however just wondering if these temps are in the normal range? Hovers around 67-68 in apex with junction temp at around 90-95. Just unsure on the nearly 20 degrees gap difference in heaven and what’s considered normal?
  14. Most rap/rock music and FPS shooters with a mix of MMO unsure of my choice but I’m leaning towards a DT 990 PRO powered by either a creative sound blaster g5 £105 Fiio e10k £60 unsure on which amp to pick as there is quite a big difference in price
  15. Hi apologies for not saying they will be used for gaming just I’ve found over the years gaming specific headphones aren’t particularly good
  16. Looking for a gaming headset that isn’t specifically aimed at gaming as I’ve found they’re not particularly good. Wanting a Blue Yeti X microphone and looking for a decent headset to pair with it got about £180 to play with. came from a razer nari ultimate however it broke and wasn’t too impressed with the quality. Not really clued up with sound side to read that I may need a usb amplifier with certain headsets? many thanks
  17. Got a strange one for you all. Stumped me aswell so hopefully someone can help out. Took wires out of back of pc to move it to the other side of the desk. Flipped the wall switch and the PSU switch to off just to be on the safe side. Plugged everything back in and flipped the wall switch but left the PSU switch to off. Didn’t realise and pressed the on button on the case and the PC tried to power on and turned off straight away. Obviously wouldn’t boot because the power supply is off but why would it even try to boot with it off? Flipped the PSU switch to on and all booted fine. Strange one an
  18. Got a Corsair 750 watt PSU all running fine however ive got some strange resonance that ive narrowed down to the PSU. Best way I can describe it is a pulsating humming noise. This is constant as soon as the Computer is powered on until its turned off. This a common trait with these sfx psu's or do I have a dodgy fan?
  19. All drivers and bios are all up to date. I’ve disabled XMP for the time been. Only issue with that is after I disable it my ram clocks to 2133mhz instead of the 3200mhz
  20. Been having intermittent issues with the PC turning on fans spinning and keyboard lighting up but no display. Motherboard sounds 1 long beep with 3 short ones. Think my bios is an AMI one and im unsure if this points to a RAM issue? This is completely random can be fine for days and a restart or a shut down causes it when i next boot up. I've swapped out this list of parts and im still getting this issue. I do have XMP enabled in my bios and I'm unsure if its linked to that as I was running into issues with the ram not been the correct speed. I have ran memtest and it comes back al
  21. Getting screen tearing with my RX 5700xt with freesync activated and v sync disabled. I’m running up to date drivers and also running a freesync 144hz monitor however I’m experiencing minor screen tearing. Whole screen isn’t tearing just seems to be certain isolated areas. Enchanced sync or any other option like that is not checked in AMD Radeon software. Anyone any ideas ?
  22. Hi all, every now and then my PC monitor will fail to turn on with my pc (everything else boots up fine) and then show signal not detected if I hold the power button down and restart it, it works fine I’ve swapped various parts including. mobo Psu Gpu Monitor But still does this intermittently . I’ve also tried turning off fast start up and reseating the display port cable however still doesn’t make an imagine appear. My gpu is a 5700xt and the monitor is a iiyama red eagle gb2560HSU-B1. Can’t seem to see anything causing it specifically it just randomly happens every now and then.
  23. Hi all, Just reinstalled my CPU cooler as wasnt happy with the temps. Upon plugging the PC back in, pressed the power on and i was greeted with clicking noise and my pc led fans flashing. Never had any issues with the pc before hand and is currently working flawlessly now. Turned the pc off and pulled all the plugs out of the back and checked the connections on the pc to check i hadnt knocked anything all looked fine so hooked it all back up. All worked fine after this im thinking i didnt seat the power cable into the back of the pc correctly could this cause this as it
  24. Hi all got a b550i gigabyte itx motherboard with no aio header. My idea is to hook the pump header up to the CPU fan header and run it DC. Radiator fans connect to a pwm splitter included by nzxt. Question is do I have to change the radiator fan settings in bios to be cpu fans? Question is I’ve tried this and it is very loud obviously with ryzen spiking like it does.
  25. Been having issues when I update my PC and restart when the computer boots back up the screen doesn't turn on light orange instead of green. The pc boots fine its just the monitor that isn't displaying. Things ive tried. Swapping out the motherboard Swapping out the GPU Updating the chipset Updating the Bios Clean install of windows Swapping out the PSU New display port cable Tried with HDMI Different monitor Tried digging in event viewer however unable to find anything around the time it reboots. Issue is getting slightly annoyin