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  1. The TDP of my 3080 always stays under 100% when monitored with afterburner with the overlay. Decided to install HWINFO and ive seen there is a normalised Tab aswell however this is showing as high as 115 % My card is a 3080 vision OC 370W Card. I was checking new world as im sure youve all heard or seen the jayz2cent video where he sets the power and it goes above 100% to something like 120% however mines not doing this at all when monitoring with the same programs hes using in game for example with afterburner. I never see above 100% nor have I seen the 115% the normalised figure
  2. That’s the logic I came to. Only thing confusing me is why a benchmark pushing 368W produces 105% TDP normalised and new world produces 115% TDP normalised at 368W
  3. I understand there’s a problem with it TDP is fine it’s the normalised that doesn’t look right. this card has a max power draw of 370W. Highest spike I’ve seen is 368W so can’t be classed as dangerous. Why is 115% being reported on normalised TDP at 368W But in a benchmark for instance 368W works out at 104%. id understand a spike over power cap being an issue however this is under. 100% power for me is 370W RTX 3080 Gigabyte vision OC
  4. Trying to figure out if what im displaying is normal its strange behavior just trying to get an idea on whats going on. Its not like the typical % overshoot issue. My card is a gigabyte RTX 3080 Vision OC, when playing new world im seeing spikes on the TDP normalized in hwinfo and the msi afterburner overlay of around 115%. The normal TDP power is saying 93% which would make sense as its hitting 340W and its a 370W card. My question is why am I seeing spikes of power that arent actually happening as if my cards running 100% power it would be at 370W and Afterburner and
  5. HWINFO is reporting that my graphics card is producing 343W however GPU-Z is reporting 360W which I deem to be correct as MSI afrerburner also reports the same value. Do i need to be adding anything to the HWINFO GPU power to get the correct figure? Included some pictures
  6. Hi My 3080 is a stock Gigabyte Vision OC, Issue im having is MSI Afterburner is reporting 115% spikes on my Power Usage and the same percentage is recorded with HWINFO too. In this instance this morning I only overshot by 5% meaning my TDP was 105% however the power used was only at 340 watts? 3080's reference are rated for 350W. GPU-Z is reporting that this card has a Max of 370W However ive never seen anything that high. Its the TDP normalized that is reporting the higher figure however afterburner also hooks the same % so I presume thats the one I should
  7. Finding conflicting answers on the internet is the Gigabyte vision 3080 OC capped to 370w? As some websites say 350
  8. Quick question hopefully you can help, in the normalised TDP reading on hwinfo how come it goes up to 118%? Mines hitting 115% and just curious why as it’s completely stock however it is a OC Gigabyte 3080
  9. Quick question Using HWinfo to check TDP % of my rtx 3080. Total GPU power (normalised) (% of TDP) is 115% Total GPU power (% of TDP) is 99% Why are they so different and is the one going over 100% bad and not normal? This is whilst gaming Gigabyte Vision OC RTX 3080
  10. 5600x temperatures what are you getting? 34 idle. Hitting around 70 degrees in games (apex) running 3440x1440p at 144hz at ultra. Unsure if this is a normal temperature or it’s slightly high ? With a noctua nhd15. prime 95 for about 20 minutes I’m maxing at 55 degrees. cinebench r20 is 55 degrees after 10 minutes with PBO enabled cinebench will rise to 80 degrees. considering maybe a arctic cooler freezer 2 360 but unsure if it would provide lower temperatures. More so wanting to free space up in my case but won’t be doing it if
  11. Assassins creed Valhalla restarted pc? PC forced restart when first playing Valhalla? Just got Valhalla installed and decided to jump straight in. Loaded up fine started controlling the little child and walked towards the guy playing the guitar and PC restarted? Looked on event viewer and ill I have got it Event Id 41 Pretty confident this isn’t my pc as I’ve been gaming most of this week just not on Valhalla. Had a poke around other Reddit forums and apparently this restart is common when first installed just wondering if anyone else has had this and ca
  12. Hi all, Using an NZXT X53 thermals are great and really loving the cooler performing perfect however I run the pump 100% all the time, and at 100% I noticed pump buzz? if i drop it to 65% it goes away so it is definitely the pump. I wouldnt say this is loud but is audible is this normal for some buzz/noise from the pump on x53
  13. @naike ive got the exact same motherboard as you however im running a 5600x, just wondering what you load cinebench r20 temps are? and do you have PBO enabled in bios as mine sets auto automatically but if I manualy enable it I get higher scores and boost however temperature tops at 79 degrees
  14. sorry should have put the rest of the speccs in. Ryzen 5600x msi x570 tomahawk 32gb DDR4 3600Mhz Ram Corsair Vengance NZXT X53 240mm aio