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  1. Is there a big difference between VA and IPS just for gaming. At the moment i have TN 1080p 75Hz.
  2. I dont have a preference, i just want the better one.
  3. i am in the marked for a new Monitor and i cant decide between this two: AOC CU34G2 or Gigabyte M27Q| Can anyone help?
  4. I want to buy a new Monitor but i can't choose between this two. Dell S2721DGFA Gaming WQHD 2560x1440 IPS 165Hz 1ms GSYNC/FreeSync VESA HDMI/DP/5xUSB or ASUS 27" Wide ROG SWIFT PG278QR, Gaming 165Hz NVidia G-SYNC Anyone with some experience using this two?
  5. Hi, Just build a new PC and my 5600x is idling at 3.6Ghz. Is that normal? And Ryzen Master doesnt show Current CPU Clock Speed.
  6. https://www.anhoch.com/product/599869931/psu-850w-sharkoon-silentstorm-cool-zero-80-plus-gold-real-power-modular-135mm-fan I just bought a 3080, but the only PSU that i can find in the moment in my country that is 850W is this Sharkoon one. Is it good, or should i stay away from it?
  7. Budget (including currency): 2000$ Country: North Macedonia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: AAA Games, recording, maybe streaming Other details: With Monitor, (2560X1440) hoping for 120hz
  8. Thank you i will take that into consideration
  9. Hi, thx for taking the time I have a capture card so that i think is not a problem. I never used a NVIDIA card so dont know how to that works. So thank you. But sadly there are no 2080 cards in stock and wont be for a long time
  10. Hi thx for the reply, There are no Corsair PSU 's available at the moment i have one 1TB HDD plus that i can add to the system My main problem is too choose between MSI and ASUS,
  11. Hi, i finnaly decided to build a new pc, My current PC: CPU: i5 -6500 MOBO: Z170 ( yeah i know i wanted to upgrade) GPU: R9 390 RAM: HyperX 2133MHz PSU: Corsair CX650M SSD: Crucial 64gb HDD: WD 1TB Cavier CASE: Deepcool Kendomen Monitor: BenQ GW2470 but can't decided between two configuration that i made. Please note that PC parts are a little limited at the moment in my country. First CPU: Ryzen 3700x 356$ CPU Cooler:Gamer Storm Castle 360RGB V2 141$ MOBO:MSI X570 Gaming Edge 244$ RAM:Trident Z RGB NEO 2x8gb 3600MHz 1