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  1. I have been looking and I can not find the CPU Affinity setting in task manager, and I can not find a way to get the setting available for usage. (Photo of my Task manager) https://prnt.sc/xj5jxg Found it!
  2. So, would a Hyper-V/VM give me the ability to Specify what cores to use, like instead of the first 6 cores, use the last 6 cores which are not utilized unless max utilization occurs? Also would I be able to set up a specific IP Address for that VM to utilize with a 3rd party file explorer like FileZilla?
  3. Server would be hosted with a partition on my secondary hard drive, (500 GB outta 2TB) It would be for hosting mini servers for Five M, and Minecraft (Testing stuff on both and would also allow other people to join since it's not possible otherwise from experience) I have attempted what happened in the video above and that is not really useful except for the unraid, (Also not really useful since I don't have another GPU).
  4. DANG I watched this a while ago, and did not think of it, I'll see what I can do with it, and I'll come back with an update later, thanks!
  5. I know this is not really recommended, but I want to split my CPU cores in half (So 6 cores for my desktop, and 6 cores to run a server on the computer using a external hard drive) I have looked far and wide, and cannot find out how to do this without destroying what I have. Can anyone help me with this?
  6. Its brand new hardware, outta the box, I tried booting a live Linux from a external SSD, (Works on my laptop) it wouldn't even let me into an application before it reset linux. I could also unplug the ssd while it was running and plug it back in and itd have the same result, I might need a new mb but I wanna make sure first before I do get one.
  7. I can answer the Bios update and the M.2 issue, so the bios you'll need a separate computer to download the bios update, and than to flash it with the current Ryzen 5 in the bios, and than the m.2 slot looks like the one mines installed too.
  8. Ok, so Yesterday I finished building my rig, I put in my m.2 SSD preloaded with a os and apps etc, and I went into the bios to make sure my memory was there, (32 GBs of Corsair Vengeance 2x16) it was there, than I went to boot my OS and it would give me the bsod every time, I had checked my memory to make sure it was working properly, it was, I changed it out to be sure, still same issue, I tried to unplug my GPU (Thicc II 5700xt) and boot with the on board gpu, didnt even show on any of my monitors, so I plugged my gpu back in, and than tried to load a mirror, didnt work, I have