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  1. Iankelly

    Hi all

    I know this might make me sound like a noob but what's birb gang?
  2. GER_T4IGA thanks for the info I've been looking at YouTube vids and it sounded possible but I think its trickery in there edits Thanks again
  3. Iankelly

    Hi all

    Hey there all just signed up to the forum huuuge fan of the LTT vids on youtube. Just wanted to say thanks for the content.
  4. Hi there currrently i use a western digital 4Tb external hard drive (EHD) for my work and current projects and only have a samsung galaxy tab a 2016 for when I am OTG. But issue I have is that I can't find a micro usb hub that will allow me to charge my tablet while I have the EHD connected if anyone can offer a suggest anything that would be great Thanks Ian