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  1. Thank you so much for all the help btw, very appreciated
  2. I think im gonna go with this one then https://se.pcpartpicker.com/product/WxL48d/corsair-rm-2019-650-w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-cp-9020194-na the 650w since I will probebly upgrade the cpu in the future
  3. how do I know if something is a tier A unite since I can see that it says so with a tag anywhere
  4. So I currently have a gtx 1050 and was thinking of upgrading to a rtx 3060 ti but im worried about if my powersupply isn't gonna be enough for it. I used a power supply calculator which said that I would be more than fine but just wanted to dubble check ya know. Current pc specs gtx 1050 ti core i5-8400 ram 24gb 2400mhz 2T harddrive 250gb ssd (SATA) 3 case fans power supply 80 plus gold 500w
  5. Nope I only have a 144hz monitor. IDK to much about bottlenecks but just wanted to check. Thanks everyone who responded and helped me
  6. so would it still be a money worth upgrade if I don't upgrade the cpu and only upgrade the gpu to a 3070?
  7. Pretty high fps, im just using a 1050 right now and I aim to be able to stream in 1080 without any worries of fps. for games like csgo 400+ fps when it peaks would be nice
  8. Hello, I was thinking of buying a 3070 graphics card but considering its a powerfull card I was wondering if it would become a bottleneck for me who right now has a core 15 gen 8. If that would become a bottleneck what cpu should I upgrade to? just a higher gen cpu or to like a core i7?
  9. okey, thanks so much everyone, I'll buy 2x8gb sticks with 2666mzh
  10. So I want to uipgrade my ram in my pc, I only have 8gb at 2666mhz (2x4 sticks). So I want to add 2 8 gb sticks ontop of the already 2x4gb sticks but the thing is can I do that in the other 2 ramslots and do they have to be the same speed? also If possible could my new ones be at a higher speed than the motherboard has support for? Here are the parts: Motherboard: ASUS Prime B360M-A, Socket-1151 Ram (that I have rn):Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 8GB (2x4GB) / 2666MHz / DDR4 Please help