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  • Birthday May 10

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    ! Good At#1235
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    Canada somewhere
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    Tech, Fantasy (I can highly recommend the Wings of Fire series and the Luminance saga), Music (especially classical and orchestral), other stuff
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    I'm a muscian, composer, Producer, Furry, wannabe animus Nightwing, Fan of Amphibia, Wings of Fire and Pokémon enthusiast and tech nerd with a special place for Linux.
    (btw, incase you're wondering, imcrissy on fiverr made this wonderful pfp for me. Check them out)


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    Intel core i7 6700 vPro
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    8 GB DDR3
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    Intel UHD 530
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    Dell Optiplex 7040
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    1+1 TB HDDs
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    Dell E1913
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    Some generic Dell Keyboard
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    Another generic dell mouse
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    A dell OEM sounbar
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    macOS Big sur (Hackintosh)
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  1. I did this because i was bored. Just saying. Summary The very first benchmark results of Apple's M1 Max system-on-chip in a professional application have arrived. Quotes My thoughts So, this pretty much confirms what we know about the new M1 Max chips...., They're "Fast" (Apple used that word multiple times during the presentation, look it up). But yea, It's pretty good for a mobile device, able to come close with some "advanced desktops" even. Now, the source article for this post, is a little clickbaity, it compares the GPU performace to Deskto
  2. Banned for sticking your head through my roof
  3. Banned for argreeing with someone on a forum
  4. Banned because you're banning people for the siliest of reasons
  5. I mean, I assumed that the m1 max on the 14" will be slightly gimped because, well, it's smaller.
  6. BAnned for having 460 posts.... You should have 420
  7. You mean to say that there are people who do their assignments NOT at the last minute!? Who would've thunk.
  8. No, seriously. I subconsicously read it as GDDR Riley. Please don't hurt me
  9. Yes. Who else am I supposed to go to with extravagent, 1800s esque requests for badges.
  10. Banned because I wasn't aware of that and this whole thread is basically spam (sort of)
  11. Banned for not copying you ban and for breaking a possible chain
  12. Banned for banning for banning for not banning