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  1. Hi, I recently bought a hub (Moarmouz USB-C 9 in 1) which supports dual hdmi output for my Macbook pro 13 inch 2019 (2 Thunderbolt 3 ports). Now, my aim was to connect two monitors to this hub and configure them as different extended displays. But, after connecting, macbook was detecting both the monitors as one and considering them as a single extended desktop ( mirroring same content on both of them), and I couldn't find any way to change this behaviour. But, when I connected the same hub to a windows laptop, there was an option to configure those monitors as different extended displays.
  2. I just want a comparison between Logitech gl Clicky (kailh choc white) switches and cherry mx blue switches. I didn’t like the feel of typing on Logitech G815 ( having used cherry mx brown for over two years), which contains the above mentioned switches and I am thinking of replacing it with a cherry MX blue, but since I have never tried blues I am not sure if I will like them. kailh choc whites are very similar to kailh box white switches, both of them have a click bar mechanism which generates the minor tactile feedback and click sound, the only major difference is travel distanc
  3. @gloop, Kailh switches/keyboards are not available at my location. Can you choose from cherry mx or logitech keyswitches
  4. Also, I am a newbie I just want a keyboard which is great for typing, and I believe tactile and clicky are the way to go. If that's not the case, please correct me.
  5. @gloop, thanks for your suggestion, but I really don't want to go custom. Could you please suggest key switches which I can use without going custom, like cherry mx RGB, logitech gl, gx, romer, etc.
  6. @Mateyyy, Thanks for the suggestion. May I ask why did you switch from blues to browns, are browns better for typing ?
  7. Hi, I recently bought Logitech G813 which has GL Clicky switches. I bought this to replace my old HyperX alloy Cherry MX brown keyboard. Although, I don't like the typing experience on G813. The keys are clicky but I don't feel any tactile feedback. I was expecting better tactile feedback than my Cherry MX brown, because the tactile feedback is virtually non existent in Cherry MX browns. So, I was thinking of replacing it with either Logitech G512 Carbon (GX Blue) or any other keyboard containing Cherry MX Blue Switches. Since, I haven't tried any clicky switches before, I wanted to