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  1. my point is i would install for a mate for free, but have you ever tried to remove the security put in place by a competent company?, i used to apply security to company laptops in the past and i find it difficult to believe that even a great IT person with admin rights would be able to completely dissasemble all the crap i would put on, our users did have local admin access and still were not able to disable our stuff and they were all top techies
  2. in 25 years of working in IT it has never taken me more than 4 or 5 hours to completely re-install a pc, with all the software and get the persons settings back to where they were, most of that time just waiting for things to actually install so can be doing other things at the same time and i have done that litterally hundreds of times for friends. What i will not do however is spend days/hours trying to track down all problems that get caused by the crap that is installed by companies to secure their laptops as that can take days in itself of constant behind the screen time. Even if you w
  3. as a good it guy i can tell you that if the company has done it's job right this will not be easy in the slightest. Especially if the bios is locked you are pretty much screwed. as for group policies yes they can be over-ridden provided he has admin access, but stupid thinks like ivanti that may have made unknown registry changes etc will make it a nightmare. If someone asked me to do it i would tell them i wouldnt waste my time when i can re-install windows in 30 minutes tops.
  4. ahh, then i would have to say it would depend on game, indeed for fps i would go 1440@144hz but for other games that are more graphical based, think the final fantasy series etc or most single player games i personally would go 4k 60hz, others will most likely disagree with me but its what i play most games at
  5. watch the ltt videos on does a faster refresh rate make you a better gamer and you will have your answer
  6. I just edited my answer and want to make sure you got what i said, IF its a case of you having limited cash and having to choose between a better processor, more ram, better gpu etc and an aftermarket cooler, then don't choose the cooler, you can always do that later as well and you will get the most benefit from the other choices
  7. first of all, when he buys it from them make sure that they remove any bios locks that are in place or your screwed. Other than that just download windows 10 media creation tool from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 run it and create a windows 10 boot usb, boot from the created usb and just follow the instructions, 2 things to remember, 1/you will need to do a clean install not an upgrade to properly clean all the crap off the machine,2/ if you are doing a clean install you will delete everything on the computer so make sure to back up all the files that he wan
  8. well, yes you will, the 5900x does have higher single core clock speeds as well as more cores, now at this moment in time the extra cores wont make a difference in general for games, that being said in the next few years that could change as more games are developed to take advantage of more cores, also the single core difference is small so it wont make much of a difference but still a difference. so the question is more how much extra do you want to pay for a little more performance?. If however you are not just doing games but for instance development work, graphics/video work
  9. indeed the stock coolers with AMD are enough to keep your processor cool enough for gaming etc, That being said it is generally a good idea for lifetime and more consistant higher boost clocks to get an aftermarket cooler. * just to add, if it's a tossup of spending money on an aftermarket cooler or the better processor ordefinately choose the better processor (or more ram, better gpu etc) over the cooler
  10. I did take into account his requirements tbh but in my haste to put my baby to bed i clicked submit reply before i finised the post stopping on the workstation cards and not elaborating further, First of all, he has to ask himself, do all of the machines actually have to have a dedicated graphics card, for instance on some of my setups some of the vm's have dedicated graphics cards for various reasons but others do not, so for instance he could comfortably have either 2 vm's running(the ones with the dedicated cards) and the third (probably his work vm) accesible via remote desktop
  11. ram most certainly is not fixed, you can overcommit ram in virtually any hypervisor and it will balance what is being used across the machines, it is standard practice in business to overcommit ram by up to 200% in dta systems and between 10% - 50% .in production, of course if at any time all your machines combined use more than the total memory for whatever reason you are fucked as it will get real slow real fast. as for choosing which vm you want to boot, most hypervisors have a web ui so you have 2 real choices there, have 1 vm which is set to startup at hypervisor boot so you always have a
  12. scratch that, i was mistaken, they were using a b450 aorus , still a hell of a coincidence
  13. what motherboard is it? i ask because there is now another post from someone with the same sort of issue as you. *i just reread and say it's a b450 aorus so clearly not the same, they are using a b450 tuf, but id you ever work out what the problem us
  14. now, this is a little bit weird, but wasnt there someone a few days ago on the forum saying he had to use a hairdryer to start his pc, and wasnt he also using an asus tuf b450 motherboard? , mmm i am beginning to wonder will have to find the other post as it would be too much of a co-incidence
  15. have you checked what your mtu is set at throughout your network?