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  1. ok so i built a pc recently and i have a asus rog strix z390e motherboard but theres something wrong with the bluetooth already. its like glitching out all the time, it would cut off then work then cut off again. i tried reinstalling drivers and it didnt work. and I know its my motherboards problem cause my headphones work perfectly. pc specs: i7 9700k 2080 super asus rog strix z390e corsair vengence lpx 16gb 3200mhz headphones - beats solo 3
  2. ok so I dropped my blue yeti and now the mic mesh is just deformed. luckily the audio isnt messed up but i tried to take off the mic mesh but just couldnt, I tried watching videos on people taking it off but all ive seen so far are asmr videos or taking everything apart, so is there a way to just take the mic mesh off without messing other things up?
  3. Ok well I think my gpu is straight up dead, it works when it wants to. I’ve contacted evga but they take like 2 days to respond. I have a 2080 XC Super. I built the pc and at first no problems until the next day when it decided to keep restarting my computer. I think it might have overheated too much. Then it starts shutting down my pc when I was literally watching a video. and now it works whenever it wants to. Any tips?
  4. cpu i should check the gpu too edit: question though, if it is the guys u overheating, what is the best way to ya know stop it from overheating? i just checked and my gpu temp is 44-50
  5. yeah i thought about that too so i checked and it would be around 50-65 edit: maybe i connect the aio wrong or something but not sure how to fix it
  6. Ok so I recently built my first pc and I’m not sure if i did something wrong, sometimes the screen will randomly turn black and the fans will get really loud, the fans also run really loud when I play games unless I lock the fps under like 300. Not sure if I just built it wrong or something with my power supply. Parts: cpu: i7 9700k gpu: 2080 super evga motherboard: asus rog strix z390e psu: corsair rm650 80+ gold ram: corsair vengeance lpx 3200mhz 16gb cooler: nzxt kraken x62 ssd: wd blue 500gb hdd: seagate barracuda 2tb and if this is any help my monitor