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  1. Thanks. looking at something like this: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cLKgz7
  2. Budget (including currency): 20 000 NOK including a monitor. Country: Norway Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: gaming. Games like call of duty and destiny 2 Other details: The last couple of years I have been using a ps4 for my gaming, but I would like to go back to a pc. Therefore I’m thinking of building one. I’m mainly going to play the mentioned games, and would like to get 140-150+ FPS. Therefore it’s not needed to max out the budget, but it would be good to have a set up that’s easy to upgrade and are going to support games the next couple of
  3. I found this on sale for about 2000$. would it be better than the other ones? https://www.komplett.no/product/1110043/pc-nettbrett/komplett-pc/komplett-epic-gaming-pc/komplett-i160-epic-gaming-pc-powered-by-asus#custom-parts-list
  4. As stated earlier i'm probably going to build this in August. But will it be better to wait until September, to what the Nvidia 3000-series bring? a cheaper market?
  5. will the set-up work if i swap out the motherboard with a ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING(WI-FI)? and do you think it will be better?
  6. can't seem to find any of the b550 here..
  7. thank you. a follow up question from a newbie... do i need any screws or stuff like that? or does everything come with the components?
  8. found the same monitor about 1200 cheaper
  9. wow, thank you. how would you think it would do in the games i play?
  10. 7 years+ ago u used to play a lot on computers, and i loved the original COD MW series. but i had some years without gaming, and three years ago i bought a PS4. But in reality i don't handle a controller as well as mouse and keyboard with takes a lot of the fun out of playing competitive games like COD. i cant really hang on those games on a PS4. I have a my laptop that i used to play on before, but its 10 years old, and wont do much good now... Therefore i have been thinking of getting a new one, ether a new laptop, or to build a desktop (for the first time ) I like the pract