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  1. You may need to orient you connectors differently to how they are aligned from the cable. I needed to do that with my board as the layout of the pins on the board were different to how they were arranged from the front panel cable. According to your case manual, if you have a standard intel layout then you don't need to use cable with the connectors on the end (2nd picture on the right isn't need in this case)
  2. Check your motherboard/case manuals - it will tell you the pin layout so you know what connectors should go with which pins, including which is positive and negative. Basically, as long as the power and reset buttons are connected - the rest are purely cosmetic (although hard drive and power lights can be useful). Most motherboards don't have an internal speaker anymore so you probably don't need to bother getting that connected. You can find the manual for your board here: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1200/TUF_GAMING_B460M-PLUS_WI-FI/E16681_TUF_GAMING_B460M-PLUS_Wi-F
  3. All good - working fine with 1 CPU socket. Although motherboard boots 4 times trying to detect RAM. Not sure what's going on there. I'll try putting only 1 stick in (from 4) and see what happens.
  4. Thanks guys. It's not over clocked or anything so I'll see how a single connector goes
  5. Power supply went on my friends rig. It's a 1st gen core i7 CPU (130w!) 16GB RAM and HD Radeon 6950 (yes, I know it's old - and please don't tell him to upgrade it because he doesn't have the funds). I got a replacement PSU for him, but realised the board uses 2 x 8 pin power connectors for the CPU. My problem is that the new PSU only has one 8 pin connect for CPU power. Do they even make PUS with 2 CPU power plugs anymore? Can I use some kind of molex connector/adapator for the the 2nd 8 pin socket? Although I've heard bad reports with drawing too much power with a molex connecto
  6. My case had 6 standoffs in place already, but 2 needed moving down and another 2 needed to be added to the case. I could only get the 2 additional standoffs so far with fingers and they did not want to move with pliers (tightening up). I ended up using a small shifting spanner that I had which did the trick. One of the standoffs was in the bottom left corner which my spanner couldn't get to, but my slightly over-sized m-ATX board didn't need it so I left it there. This is my third PC I've built and I've never had any issues with standoffs before. Probably want be my last so I think I'll h
  7. Anyone know what size screw driver (or is it a hex driver?) I need to screw the standoffs into the case? My motherboard doesn't come with the little hex covers, but I don't know what size they are or what tool I need to screw them in. I had a look on ebay, but not knowing what I'm looking for didn't really help. I'm in Australia, so Amazon links don't help me either. If I new what they were called, I could order one - I'm in the middle of a build and can't complete it. Thanks :)