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  1. thanks, i didn't know what was a hypervisor
  2. hey, i want to build a mini itx and was looking at the 3950x to run 2x 8 core pc. 1x normal gaming rig and the other one to run a couple of server, but i was wondering if the second one had to have a gpu too or if i could control it without one. cause if it need one i need to give up either the 2 pc idea or the mini itx one
  3. soo, i start studing in networking domain in a couple of weeks and need a laptop that can handle virtualization but the laptop the school is selling is a i7 10750h 6 core ; 1650ti ; 32g ram ; 1tb ssd : 2000$ but for 1600$ i can get a ; amd 4800h 8 core ; 2060 ; 16g ram ; 1tb ssd i never used virtualization before so i don't know if intel has something that amd does not or if it's easier with one or the other i'd like your opinion