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  1. yes im thinking of getting 500GB one soon
  2. thanks man! i can access my files and make a backup!! i never knew u could do that well i still cant boot into my Salient OS but i got my Files! Thanks To Both of YOU!
  3. i can boot into windows and pop os only idk what happened to Salient OS
  4. I have a cheap SSD that a person in our local shop recommended my to buy....it was around 30$ for a 256 GB SATA m.2 SSD and now after like 6 months bit it appears to have deleted my boot partition.. i was triple booting 3 OS.. Windows..and two Linux distros... everything was working fine till yesterday and now today i tried to turn on my pc it usually goes into GRUB menu where i select windows or other OS... but it directly booted into pop OS with used systemd boot and when i checked UEFI if i was defaulted to pop os bootloader there was no other boot menu other than pop OS and windows.. i had
  5. u can try to downgrade the driver to the older one (that helped me too) or atleast you could or even if u can try to reinstall windows to check that makes any performance change... try to upgrade the ram to 16 gigs or if u cant u can sell the 8 gb stick and buy 2x 4 gigs stick as dual channel is much better for ryzen chips..