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  1. That's your issue, your power supply doesnt have the 8 port plug for your motherboard, it has the 4 port. so your power supply will not work with your motherboard.
  2. Is the hard drive you are using a new hard drive or did you re purpose a old hard drive? sounds like you need to install windows.
  3. It could have been something simple like your power supply switch was not on or your power supply could be dead or you had the wrong cord plugged into the wrong spot. What kind of power supply are you using? edit: Here is one that it probably is you plugged the case power switch in the wrong way.
  4. Can you take a picture of your setup so we can see how the wiring is attached? maybe something is not plugged in correctly on the motherboard or the power supply.
  5. Google has not said anything, I am just going off what renders of the phone and phones cases that supposedly have been leaked. https://pigtoucoques.fr/blogs/tech/google-pixel-5-xl https://pigtou.com/blogs/android/google-pixel-5
  6. I would say before the 4 they were limited but the 4 and 4a being released on pretty much all networks I am sure they have expanded and not so much limited anymore. With the 4a just being released and the Pixel 5 right around the corner this does not shock me at all, I still have the 2 xl hopefully the 5 xl will be my next upgrade.
  7. Depends on what you actually plan on doing, I put 2 samsung m.2 in mine just for a Plex server and after a month realizing they don't do much than I kind of regret buying them.
  8. But how many people who use Samsung phones just attach it to their Gmail account anyways and you still have to accept to Google's TOS when setting up a Samsung phone, so I really do not see it being Google isn't getting enough people's data from Samsung, I believe that Google just wants Samsung to stop using there so so software and just start using Google software like Android was made for, The last Samsung phone I bought was full of unnecessary crap pre installed and took me a few days to get it all setup properly, but it has also been about 6 years since I have owned a Samsung phone.
  9. Pretty soon we will get intel cpu and gpu packages, oems are going to love that.
  10. Summary It appears that Intel's technical challenges with its 7nm process will be complicated by legal challenges as well. The Hagens Berman law firm issued a press release on Friday calling for investors impacted by Intel's recent stock market losses to join a potential class-action lawsuit for investors fraud. The firm also "encourages persons who may be able to assist the Firm's investigation of possible securities fraud to contact the firm." Intel's announcement of a delay to its 7nm process sent shockwaves through the semiconductor industry last week as the company grapples with
  11. hopefully that means Pixel 5 news is right around the corner
  12. Sorry for the bump, but this can actually be closed, the co worker ended up contacting amazon the same night I posted this and they tried to help him out but ended up overnighting him a new board, in which now everything works great seems like the board he got ended up having bad m.2 ports on it.
  13. Instead of buying stuff at Microcenter, had to spend money on a MRI for my big toe, sigh.
  14. So I am trying to help out a co worker and I am completely confused on what is going on, so he has Asus x570 wifi motherboard, we installed a Sabrent Rocket Q 1TB NVMe and it shows up in certain parts of the bios, It shows up on the main screen but as a bootable drive, but when I look in the sata config it shows nothing is installed in the m.2 drives and when I look at the nvme configuration it is blanked out so I can not even access that, but when I load windows and go to device manager I can see it there but not the hard drive initialization. Another issue we are having is he is on bios