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    South Africa
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    Anime,manga, pc and tech obviously and sketching
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    I7 9750h
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    16 gb
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    1TB nvme ssd
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    aeroblade gen4
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    razer basilisk x hyperspeed
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    Sony WH1000 xm 3
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    windows 10 pro
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    Acer Predator Helios 300

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  1. How much of the compound would I need for the GPU and CPU of my laptop On thermal grizzly South Africa kryonaut extreme 2g is 30 dollars, 5,5g kryonaut is 33 dollars and the 1g kryonaut is 13 dollars The prices are higher probably because of where I live and that is the prices from the official website
  2. The are a few brands in my country which I can easily get but stuff like noctua I can't get in my country I'm thinking if using thermal grizzly kryonaut to replace my laptop's thermal compound, does changing the compound make a big difference?
  3. I'm looking for a new keyboard for long term use I'm currently using the keyboard on my 2019 Helios 300
  4. i mean the blackshark v2 not the original i own a wh 1000 xm 3 and in comparison they both have great sound quality
  5. i own a black shark and its amazing but i look after my stuff so i dont really worry about dropping it
  6. id recommend the h510 to you if you going to try and break it
  7. im deciding on getting a razer kraken for console or an wacom tablet just bored with birthday money
  8. you got one insane pc rig

  9. thanks for that ill make use of that information if the build quality will let me use it for at least a couple of years then i guess ill choose the wacom then
  10. how long is the general lifespan of the wacom cos alot of the websites in south africa either have the most expensive one or the basic stuff but both of the tablets that i had mentioned earlier are both over 120 US dollars the huion 420 is just over 60 dollars here there is also a 60 dollar differance between the s model and the medium one they both have bluetooth so i might choose that one then crap sorry i meant 120 dollar differance does the 4k and the 8k pressure sensitivity make much of a difference
  11. try looking for the new 6 core 10th gen i7s in a work laptop those are lighter and usually thinner than gaming laptops im using an acer predator helios 300 its 2.5 kilograms it is quite thin but not as thin as an ultrabook sorry i dont have much good advice maybe wait for the new macbook with apples ARM processor


  12. i live in South Africa and the Huion H640p and the Wacom intuos s with bluetooth are the drawing tablets that are in my price range theyre nearly the same price here
  13. i have somewhat of the same problem but theyre both around the same price in south africa and well its also a higher price than in the uk and us so its a hrder decision but out of the two which one will last longer