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  1. yes i just moved my most important stuff on my drive, but then i had to turn off my computer to go to sleep and now the weird screens are back.. what am i supposed to do ?? when i tried to reinstall windows yesterday, it wrote "could not find the recovery environment"
  2. UPDATE: i pressed the reset button when windows boot manager showed up and my computer is back to normal. But i think this is temporary like the first times i restarted my computer. I don't think i can launch overwatch again but dont really want to try it... What am i supposed to do to keep everything normal again
  3. hey thanks for helping me !! i tried running my computer with only one stick of ram: this screen appeared https://imgur.com/a/qhO5Evg with the other one there was only a blackscreen i plugged my monitor on my motherboard and nothing showed up. how do i do a clean reinstall without touching my other data ? and i don't have my windows key it's been 4 years
  4. Hey guys, really need help because my computer contains important stuff. specs: i5 4460, r9 280x, 8giga of ram After several crashes for the first time in 4 years while playing overwatch (screen going in the most dominant color) even if stats about my gpu were normal ( https://imgur.com/a/cZCbiH7) I arrived at this screen where im stuck: https://imgur.com/a/Dpxk5DE I found the screen without glitches on google if you scroll down this link. Things i already did: -restarted my computer (https://imgur.com/a/apNkRmn the main screen wasnt recognized)