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  1. Ahhh i understand i haven't tired that. thanks lol
  2. thanks for replying. The thing is i have experienced this issue for too long and now i am tired of it so want to get over it asap. Yes you can runt he cable 100 meters but the thing is that i am my family are staying in a rented place so running a cable along the walls is not an option as i can't be hammering things and running on the floor can be disturbing so yea... thanks again
  3. Dude thanks for the reply! Like I said i am one wall away, which is very far from the router and i can't bring the cable over here.
  4. P.S the lag occurs after every 1-2 minutes for 10 seconds where my character keeps moving back to its previous location or when i have already changed my weapon from gun to knife it lags and goes back to gun.
  5. Hey bros, I am Dutch. I am living in Singapore(a place where network doesn't give any issue). I have a custom gaming pc with i5-9400f and gtx 1070 with 16gb of ram. I have been experiencing lag when i am playing csgo and valorant. I am one wall away from the router. I tried moving the whole set up to the dinning room but it didn't help either. i got the same speed and latency. i even reset all my ingames settings to default but it didn't help at all. Something u all should know is that i am using a 1300mbps TP-link Archure T4u something like that type of wifi usb dong
  6. yes the rest of the parts i am very sure are new cause they have warrenty from 2-5 years...
  7. that card was sold to me by a company i found on carosell. they said the 1070 was bought on a clearance sale hence it was cheaper in cost as well. the card is not new, i think its refurbished. it looked new when i saw it the first time. it didn't even had a scratch on it. i have an invoice but that invoice doesn't state serial number and stuff. just the parts of my pc and thats all. i found the serial number later from that person who built me that pc.
  8. this card that i bought was not new. even thought it was said that it is brand new bought from a clearance sale. i don't think its new. i was given 3 months warrently with it which says that it was definitely not new. what i am feeling now is that but the time my gpu went back to zotac they thought my warrenty was over and so they are not fixing it...
  9. thanks for that. it was a relief to hear someone is feeling the same way as i am, but do you have any solution to my problem, like what should i do? at this point i just want my card back to me safe and working i don't want anything else. i am tired of waiting...
  10. card comes back 3 times and all the times it is unfixed. thats a garbage service by zotac then
  11. they didn't tell me about any other damage. they just said the gpu is not responding thats all.
  12. berberries thanks for ur suggestion but i worry about the used gpu getting spoiled after 2 to 3 months. then i will loose my 250 bucks as well.
  13. i already waiting long enough. i waited 16 weeks for my card. Moreover waiting is not the problem here. the problem is their garbage service. they get my card three times and they still send it back to me unfixed??? that's not normal is it?
  14. i bought a custom pc build a few months ago. it had gtx 1070 and an i5 9400f. i used it for two months and one day while playing minecraft on shaders the pc blacks out and doesn't turn back on. i waited for a day and tried again but it didn't work. so i took it back to the person i bought it from and he said my gpu was not working. he proved it to me by taking out the gpu and pressing the power button and the pc turned on. so the next day i bring my gpu to this company called tech dynamic and they tell me it will take 6-8 weeks for my card to go back china and get fixed. i agreed to wait. i wa