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Peter Starzynski

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  • Birthday Jul 11, 1990

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    Elizabeth, New Jersey
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    Jesus, Hockey, Baseball, Football, Video Games, Tech. Anything else I should put?
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    My name is Peter. I am here to learn more about PC building, GPUs, CPUs, cooling, etc. I know my stuff when it comes to mobile technology such as phones and tablets. I do have a YouTube channel. Peter Starzynski Tech. Link is in the website section.


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    Intel Core i5
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    HP 86C9
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    12 Gb
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    256 GB of SSD
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    HP 15.6 Laptop

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  1. B&H does have the samsung Galaxy S20 right now for $730. For the specs that is a really good price. Here is the link. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1549748-REG/samsung_sa_g980fdblu_galaxy_s20_g980f_dual_sim.html
  2. I would like to thank LMG for the sitckers that came with my purchase of the Processor shirt.......LTTStore.com

  3. I would go with the G5. Especially if you can get a 32 GB model. Although, i'd look more at today's options like a samsung a50 or even a Moto E.
  4. I would say try a point and shoot. I'm looking to get one myself because I am an upstarting youtuber myself and I'm considering getting one that records at least 1080p.
  5. I have to agree here. Also with a DBrand skin you can also use a case if you want.
  6. What is your price range? If you have the budget to do it, get the G5. @Anonymous015
  7. One phone I think works. Cuz all you need is access to sharepoint and your work emails. Unless of course they give you a phone that you are required to use.
  8. Speaking of threads, this thread is bought to you by glasswire.
  9. I'm a fan of the LG tones line. I use the HBS-XL7s and their really good. I did a review on them and I had mostly good things to say about them. The only draw backs are its not good for exercises that have you on your back and they sometimes have a delay in turning on. But still overall they sound good.
  10. Minimum spec is really up to you in a sense. But since this is mostly going based on doing the bare minimum such as email and web browsing, then i'd say 4gb of ram, an intel m3 processor, and 128GB of storage. That to me is minimum.
  11. It is done for entertainment purposes. They did better than I could ever do.
  12. It kinda is hard to hear audio differences of speakers in youtube reviews. But they did something I probably couldn't do.
  13. Lets be honest people, Did Linus and crew honestly think they could have built a better bluetooth speaker than LG? I credit them for trying and I am not trying to bash or pick on Linus or the crew, I'm just being realistic. LG has the engineers to build a product. I do credit Linus and crew for putting together a bluetooth speaker though.