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    Nagini_2312 reacted to igormp in Help choosing components for an editing computer   
    Option 1, since Premiere is more CPU bound than GPU. 
    Here you have some graphs comparing GPU usage, and here for CPU. You can draw your own conclusions from there if you want.
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    Nagini_2312 reacted to Mateyyy in advise on First built   
    Considering your budget and the prices in Singapore (going by PCPartPicker), going with Z490 makes little to no sense.
    You'd be better off with a Ryzen 3600, good B450/B550 board and a 2060S/2070S and using that to stream using NVENC.
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    Nagini_2312 reacted to narrdarr in (SOLVED) Thermal Paste in CPU slot   
    Rubbing alcohol tooth brush.