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  1. Figured- I'll have to do some more research and see, thanks!
  2. Do you know of any good ones that are < $400?
  3. Hey everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. I'm setting out to purchase a Christmas gift for my friend- and I really wanted to do something cool for him this year. So I wanted to get him a VR headset as well as two more sticks of Trident Z (he only has two slots filled at the moment). I was looking at the Oculus Quest 2 as it falls nicely into my budget but I actually haven't heard too much about it; does anyone know of any good reviews/ers or own it themselves? And if you know anything about it, does it have good performance for the price? Thanks!
  4. I recently purchased a whole bunch of RGB strip lights to go around my desk, windows, doors, whole room, etc. Each package comes with 2 strips that when connected total out to 32.8ft. I got 6 of these individual strips (3 packs)- I needed a little under 4 to get around my room, one for my desk, and one for my window (this is all for now). Each strip is identical, with an input for power, and two passthroughs, one on each end. You can connect all of the strips together, but they seem to lose power after 2; so it's recommended that, if you're using more than 2 strips at a time, you put a new pow
  5. I'm thinking I'll probably get the 360 just for peace of mind and looks, the case I'm going to be using supports a 240mm at the top or a 360/280mm at the front. It would definitely look better with the whole front covered by the rad
  6. I plan on overclocking a bit, not sure how intensely though
  7. The title is pretty self explanatory- but I'm planning on purchasing a 5950x (whenever they get restocked) and I'm also getting an NZXT AIO to go with it. I should also note I'll probably be replacing the stock fans with some 2 140mm fans from Corsair (Or 120mm if I go with a triple rad) The question is- will this CPU need a 280 or a 360mm radiator? Thanks! Edit: it was a 280, not 240mm rad! My bad! (I wasn't writing what I was thinking)
  8. That's what I figured, it's totally just a curiosity thing though
  9. Do you know if you can fit something like a plastic clear case over the skins?
  10. Oh damn you're right, I've never purchased from them before so I had no idea- I assumed it would be the same options for both, thanks!!
  11. I'm trying to buy one of the limited edition dbrand skins as a gift for my friend- he has an iPhone 8+ but I only see an option for the 8; I know sometimes cases fit between models, is there another phone that's the same size and will work with the one I'm trying to use? Thanks!
  12. I didn't realize they were extensions, thanks!