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  1. dont what it was but i left router off for while and now it just works, i dont get it
  2. well i tried connecting router away from all the cables from pc and it was same, i will probably try to return that router
  3. yes its connected to wan port it was like this before and it was working fine, cable is good too, i cant use switch because router for VR is so i can connect VR wirelles to pc, now that i think about it, could magnet (i placed router on magnetic filter on pc when it was disconnected) damage router ? and router isnt everheating and both cores are on 10%
  4. also in my router it was set to auto negotiation i set it tu 1 gbit full duplex and i cant see in pc anything about that just that its 1 gbit
  5. in windows there is 1 gbit, dont know what full duplex means but i will look into that, router has connection because if i connect cable going to router straight to pc i is working fine, there is lot of cables around but just next internet cabl going to pc which isnt problem when i get same speed on both wirelles and wired and can power cable have problem with interfierence ? sorry for my english and i really dont know much about this
  6. I have ax50 tp-link router for VR and cable going from there to my computer, i have 100Mb/s download and everything was working fine until i recently remade cable managent and i disconected router, after that i noticed slow internet speed (3-4 Mb/s) this was same on phone and on wired pc there was no dowloading, i restarted router looked for new firmware reseted it to factory settings and nothing worked, cable going to this router is going from another which is bad but still i get 30Mb/s wirelles and 70Mb/s wired through exact cable running to ax50. Also in tp link software i set bandwith now
  7. I want to make my pc custom watercooled, but I could not find if my gpu supports some waterblock (2070 super gigabyte windforce oc 3x) Do you know any that would work ?